Jeremy Roenick had some biting criticism of his former San Jose Sharks teammate Patrick Marleau following Sunday’s loss to the Detroit Red Wings. Marleau has come under fire for his lack of production through the first five games of the Western Conference Semi-Finals, but he drew the ire of Roenick during VERSUS’ post-game coverage when the former player turned commentator called Marleau’s Game 5 performance “gutless”.

Marleau was nearly invisible most of the night, which is all the more dumbfounding given the fact that Dan Boyle was the only Sharks player who saw more ice-time on Sunday. It was Marleau’s sloppy defensive play and lack of effort on the eventual game winning goal by Tomas Holmstrom that led Roenick to question his heart and take shots at his performance in both Game 5 and the series. “An unbelievably poor effort from Patrick Marleau. A gutless, gutless, performance by Patrick Marleau,” Roenick said. “Count them– zero points in this series. And he had a game like that.”

Marleau getting schooled by a wounded Datsyuk and some subsequent barbs from Roenick, video via Puck Daddy:

Roenick’s job as a ‘rock star’ commentator is to provide some balance between analysis and entertainment, but the attacking nature of his Marleau comments didn’t sit so well with Sharks fans or the CSN Bay Area crew. Still, it’s Roenick’s right to call the game as he see it, even if that means throwing some jabs at former teammates.

Marleau’s offensive struggles should be a concern for the Sharks, despite their relative success thus far in the playoffs. Mike Babcock had Nicklas Lidstrom and Pavel Datsyuk on the ice most of the night against Marleau, which can help provide some explanation for the the Sharks regular season leading scorer’s vanishing act of the offensive side of things. Marleau was actually one of the better Sharks players in terms of possession in Game 5, but his Yashin-esque effort on Datsyuk is just inexcusable.

So what is it, were Roenick’s comments on Marleau out of line or right on target?

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  1. i agree nothign wrong with what jr said,
    marleau should have put more effort into it, but ti also wasnt his fault when detroit scored the goal before that 1, so its not all his blame he just need to step up

  2. I wonder how Roenick feels about the Sedin’s because I see a lot of the same things in their play.

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  4. I believe Roenick has a right to talk about his former teammate. He was under some stress when he was a Shark and maybe those were some of Roenick’s feelings when he was part of the team. I still think that it could have been addressed a little more respectively esp. cause Roenick would not like it if someone else did the same to him. Marleau sucks he is a great person if you need a quick shot from or on a powerplay but as far as him being an all around player like Roenick or some of these other players now a days like Ovechkin, he doesn’t stand a chance. I like DETROIT for tonight but who knows maybe a goalie will stand on their head tonight. GO ROENICK!!!! My FAVOURITE player

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