By now you’ve probably read all about the biggest story in hockey from Monday night. You know the one we’re talking about… no, not the Vancouver Canucks advancing to the Western Conference Semi-Finals. The BIG story. Yeah, Carrie Underwood shedding tears after watching her husband Mike Fisher’s Nashville Predators fall to the Canucks in Game 6.

That wasn’t even a very good cry. It was more of a ‘I know the cameras are looking for it, so I better express some emotion’ cry. Crying was the easy way out for Ms. Underwood. She could have opted for several different emotional responses that would have suited the situation just as well. Naturally, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to lend her a hand.

Screw you, we’re still number one!

The Predators have no qualms with a 5-year old kid dropping a “screw ‘em”, so why not have the face of the franchise er, I mean Mike Fisher’s wife flip the bird and denounce the Canucks’ achievement?

The Hacksaw Jim Duggan salute

This makes very little sense, but it’s always a crowd pleaser. What was the significance of a guy named “Hacksaw” carting around a 2×4? Hacksaws are best used for cutting metal and PVC, not wood. Hooo!

The Mike Danton

In this scenario, Roberto Luongo would sleep with the fishes.