Patrick Kane isn’t the only NHL star to be caught in a scandalous situation recently. Sure, a post at says that a sleeping Kane was photographed by a young lady after a wild party at a club and a night of passion, but Kane isn’t the only one to appear in a shocking photo.

Ilya Kovalchuk, as shown above, is embracing the New Jersey scene and clubbing with the cast of Jersey Shore. And there’s more!

Jeff Skinner was photographed subbing in for Justin Bieber during a few tour dates. Maybe that explains why Justin was caught acting a little “unBieber-like” on a plane and on the set of CSI recently.

Were those incidents really caused by Skinner?

Marian Hossa is also in the news. Apparently unable to deal with the fact that he won’t be in the Stanley Cup Final this year, Hossa is willing to do anything to get back on the ice during a playoff game.

We think he went a little too far. Or not far enough. We’re not sure.

Shea Weber was photographed moonlighting from his job with the Predators.

There’s a rumour going around that Weber found more success cutting trees down with his beard than with an axe.

Of course, not all hockey players are controversial. Sticking with his “nice guy” image and continuing to be an ambassador to the NHL at all times, Sidney Crosby visited a children’s birthday party recently.

The party hat pictured was unfortunately responsible for more concussion symptoms.

Not to be outdone by Crosby, Ovechkin found some time to party as well.

Wait… that’s an actual photo. This post is supposed to be a joke. Nevermind.