And the latest Ryane Clowe news is…


Surely there’s an update on Johan Franzen then…

Kind of, but not really.

The improbable becoming commonplace

We’re just hours away from the third Game 7 in the past two years in which a team that was at one point down 3-0 has a chance to complete a historic comeback and win four straight. In the first round it was the Blackhawks coming back from the dead but falling just short thanks to a Chris Campoli giveaway, and last year the Flyers embarrassed the Bruins.

So to review, prior to the 2010 NHL playoffs there had been only three miraculous 3-0 comebacks in the four major North American professional sports leagues (sorry, MLS) over the past 64 years. Now, we could have two in just two years.

And the team that could throw it all away is still looked upon by many as a group of chokers.

Fear The Fin thinks a Sharks loss tonight will define a generation:

And therein lies the simplicity of the situation. A shot at salvation. A night when they burst from their shackles and gave themselves the fate they deserved. A night they became synonymous with disappointment and gave themselves the fate they earned. There is no middle ground. There is no uncertainty. Tonight is it. Tonight means there is no tomorrow, there is no next year. Tonight is permanent.

It is madness. The vivid outline of the Grim Reaper tends to do that to a fanbase. For as much as we grow weary of the fatigued choker label that will relentlessly orbit our world today, there is still an open wound here. It breeds insecurity, and with that insecurity comes unrelenting optimism and unrelenting pessimism. You can go through the entirety of the Bay Area and split it down the middle, herd believers and infidels into two separate camps and watch them tear each other limb from limb as they fight in the name of conviction. Two opposing forces convinced in their ability to claim the crown of King.

Did we say something about choking?

Well, sorry, but we have to because if we didn’t we’d be killing a storyline.

As Greg Wyshynski pointed out earlier today, the choker label is indeed alive and well throughout the Interwebs, and even if the Sharks win tonight it’s still not going anywhere.

Nothing says Game 7 like two highly original songstresses

And here we thought it was only the crazed cop car burning Habs fans who embarrassed themselves in front of the entire Internet…

The fantastic Trainspotting Photoshop reference courtesy of this guy. Between that the underpants gnomes, and the potential future Winnipeg Jets jersey designs, I’d say it’s been a pretty damn good day around here.