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So it looks like the Phoenix Coyotes are staying put. Well, at least for a year. Right?

Of course, because the world can’t go a day without hearing rumours about a team moving to Winnipeg, it’s now the Thrashers that could be making a move. Maybe.

If you’re sitting in Winnipeg right now, what do you do? Sure, it’s fun to be optimistic and hope that a team will come to your city, but you’ve been down this road before and you’ve ended up disappointed. So what do you do?

We’ve put together a few suggestions.

Prepare to be disappointed

Yes, there’s a chance that the Thrashers or the Panthers or the Coyotes or some other team will move some day. However, the reality is that the NHL will likely do whatever possible to avoid having that happen. It’s probably better if you get ready for disappointment right now. Not only will it save you time in the future, but if somehow a team does actually come to Winnipeg it will be even more exciting.

Design concept jerseys

Okay, maybe those aren’t the best examples available. We did post some a few months ago that were actually good though.

Consider moving to Phoenix

At this point it may actually be easier to have the entire city of Winnipeg relocate to Phoenix. Yes, it’s not the ideal situation for the people of Winnipeg, but at least they would have a local hockey team to support. As an added bonus, in Phoenix there’s warm weather and apparently a lot of parks. What more could you ask for?

Watch this video on loop

This is somehow both the greatest and the worst video ever created for a hockey team.

Sure, the “white is right” line may come off a little racist to some people, but we can’t stop watching it. Whether or not the Jets ever return, this video should be played on a regular basis pretty much everywhere. Always.

Create your own hockey league and place a team in Winnipeg

Again, this is another situation that may be easier than waiting for an NHL team to come to Winnipeg. Sure, it may sound like a lot of work to set up, fund and manage an entire league just to get a team back in Winnipeg, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

There are added bonuses to creating a brand new league, of course. You could also put teams in Hartford, Quebec, Hamilton, Kansas City and only put one team in Florida. Why Florida? It’s obvious that any successful hockey league needs at least one franchise in that state, right? You could also put a team in Toronto, which would finally give the city a chance to win a major hockey championship.

The only stipulation in this league would be that Jim Balsillie wouldn’t be allowed to own a franchise, because that would just be funny.

Talk about something else

For the love of God… we’re so sick of this conversation. Yes, it would be great if there were a few more teams in Canada, but it’s time to talk about the actual hockey that is being played. Please.

Yes, we realize we’re not helping.