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The Dump and Chase – 05/13/2011

It made for a helluva series, but the Detroit Red Wings came up short in their comeback bid versus the Sharks in Game 7. I haven’t looked any further into this, but David Pollak made note of an interesting tidbit from this series at Working the Corners:

Games could not get any closer and that’s according to the Elias Sports Bureau, which immediately told ESPN that this was the most tightly competed series in NHL history (though I’m not exactly sure how that would be defined).

For the Red Wings, now begins a period of contemplation for several of their aging players. The foremost concern for the Red Wings has got to be the future of Nicklas Lidstrom who, as Ansar Khan reports, will take some time to think it over:

“I’m going to take my time and make a decision in the next little while, not sure how long it’ll take,” Lidstrom said after Thursday’s 3-2 loss to the San Jose Sharks in Game 7. “I’m going to take everything into account, whether it’s the series or the regular season or just the whole year.”

Video evidence: Patrick Marleau gets on the scoresheet

Jeremy Roenick took the high road on VERSUS following Game 7 and praised Patrick Marleau for his effort on Thursday night. J.R. stood by his Game 5 comments, which he should.

Headshot: Hudler takes out Cleary

No guarantee from Bill Daly on Thrashers future in Atlanta

The NHL cleared up some inaccurate reports with regards to the Atlanta Thrashers packing for Winnipeg on Thursday. Jeff Schultz at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution managed to wrangle Bill Daly for an interview in which the NHL’s deputy commissioner wouldn’t offer any guarantees on the Thrashers future:

Q: Can you guarantee the team will be in Atlanta next season?

A: “Nope. I can’t guarantee that.”

Q: So what are the chances of the Thrashers being relocated?

A: “I’m not into handicapping. I’m usually wrong.”

A Rangers/Flyers Winter Classic?

It is being widely reported that the NHL will choose the New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers as the teams to play in the 2012 Winter Classic in Philadelphia. Citizens Bank Park, the home of the Phillies, will likely be the venue as the NFL’s Eagles are scheduled to play the Washington Redskins at home on New Year’s Day… if there is an NFL season.

Jarkko Immonen scores a goal, Jarkko Immonen scores a goal [same-same]

Here’s a cool GIF of Jarkko Immonen scoring identical goals at the World Championship for Finland. The file was too big to upload here, so you best be clicking on that link.


Successful surgeries for Pronger and Versteeg.

Ducks fans want Selanne back. Is there anyone who doesn’t want Teemu Selanne to come back next season?

Hockey Wilderness hands out awards, my favourite is the Martin Skoula award for ‘biggest mistake by a team or player’.

Pavel Datsyuk scores pretty goals