Lisa: A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
Bart: Not if you called ‘em stench blossoms.
Homer: Or crapweeds.
Marge: I’d sure hate to get a dozen crapweeds for Valentine’s Day. I’d rather have candy.
Homer: Not if they were called scumdrops.

– The Simpsons

Clearly a name is important, especially when you’re talking about a professional sports franchise. Names convey a sense of power, strength and history. That’s why the suggestion that a new NHL hockey team in Winnipeg could be named the Manitoba Moose has drawn such attention.

We’re not here to debate the strengths and weaknesses of the Moose name or whether or not the Jets should return instead. No, we’ve chosen to come up with a few suggestions of our own for what a potential Winnipeg team should be called.

The Winnipeg Parks

Ilya Bryzgalov famously stated that he wouldn’t want to play in Winnipeg because “it’s cold. There’s no excitement except the hockey. No park, no entertaining for the families, for the kids. It’s going to be tough life for your family.”

Naming a team after this snub would be a great way to show the world that the people of Winnipeg have a sense of humour… and parks.

The Winnipeg Exchange Rate

One of the reasons the Jets left Winnipeg is that the economic situation in the mid-90s was much different than it is today. Since the exchange rate between Canada and the United States is now more favourable, it makes sense to honour that fact.

The Manitoba Space Shuttles

What’s better than a Winnipeg Jet? A Manitoba Space Shuttle of course.

The Winnipeg Jettison

Think of it this way. The announcer at the MTS Centre could welcome the team onto this ice with “And now… your Winnipeg Jettttttttttttt…….. ison!” Plus, the definition of “Jettison” is “to throw off (something) as an obstacle or burden; discard.” If that doesn’t describe the Atlanta Thrashers, we don’t know what does.

The Winnipeg Really Cold

This one is self-explanatory.

The Manitoba Nordiques

Why not take it before the people of Quebec City can get it back? Or, if you feel like stealing names, why not call the team the Manitoba North Stars? It works.

The Winnipeg Winning

What, no one cares about Charlie Sheen any more? Oh well. Carry on then.

The Winnipeg NHL Team

Does it honestly matter what the name of the team is? Also, choosing this name would allow you to follow in the footsteps of the Baltimore CFL Football Team who went on to win the Grey Cup (as the Baltimore Stallions) and the people of Winnipeg certainly love the CFL, right?

The Manitoba Stop Giving Atlanta Hockey Teams

Seriously. Just stop doing it.

The Manitoba Thrash-Otes

The Thrashers may move to Winnipeg… but it still might be the Coyotes. In order to make it easy for either team to relocate to Manitoba, just name the potential team the “Thrash-Otes.” Then, whatever team comes to play in the MTS Centre will fit right in.

The Winnipeg Doesn’t This Make Much More Sense Than Having A Team Play In The Southern US?

It really does.

The Manitoba True North

Why not honour True North Sports & Entertainment with the name of the team? This one actually sounds not bad.

The Winnipeg Suck It Bettman

We have to believe that Gary Bettman doesn’t want a team in Winnipeg, but he might get one. If that doesn’t hurt his ego enough, naming the team after him certainly would.

Comments (47)

  1. I think the Winnipeg Suck It Bettman would have the top selling merchandise by a long long way.

  2. I love the name the Winnipeg Wind Chill

  3. Oooh! I know! Anything with Ice- in front of it! The Ice-Jets, Ice-Moose, Ice-Ice-Baby, etc.

  4. I like “Winniperg Legs” (say it fast)!

  5. i love the way Winnipeg thunder it sounds really good!

  6. How about the Winnipeg Blizzard?

  7. Call the team the “Winnipeg Prarie Dogs”. Great ring!

  8. I like either the” Winnipeg Chill “or the “Winnipeg Storm”.

  9. I kinda like the “Winnipeg Threshers”.

  10. The WINNIPEG WAR !!! Have yet to work on a LOGO, as I can’t draw wortha crap, but WARRIORS is too saturated, you got Minnesota Wild, why not WINNIPEG WAR, think about it, not a far stretch logo wise, heck there’s already a “jet” in the picture, just drop a few bombs n stuff, toss in some Montreal Canadiens at the bottom :)

  11. Let’s see what Dale Hawerchuk things about WINNIPEG WAR, e-mailing him now …… Stay TOONED !!!

  12. Manitoba Mosquitoes

  13. Or the Winnipeg Holopchi.

  14. [...] glowing words to be said at a presser next Tuesday before Winnipeg can start making jerseys for the Manitoba Nordiques. Meanwhile, both McKenzie and Dreger issued firm denials on Twitter and during the second [...]

  15. since its been called the windy city of canada,why not call them the WINNIPEG WINDRIDERS,have a logo with a mean looking clowd blowing up a wind storm

  16. Just call them the Manitoba Jets….. I know they want to use the Manitoba name so Winnipeg Jets won’t be an option… and have the old logo on their third jerseys just replacing manitoba with winnipeg obviously. Those jersey sales will go through the roof!!!! On a marketing standpoint its a great idea and who doesn’t want to see those jerseys fill the rink in the home opener when they come out to Van Halen – Jump!

  17. The winnipeg or manitoba golden jets. Name it after the golden boy and have the jersey with a nice golf on them that would look slick

  18. i like the sound of RED RIVER JETS.

  19. I also thought RED RIVER REBELS had a nice ring, and a historical reference to when Manitoba was formed in response to Louis Riel by Sir John A.!!!

  20. The JETS used to be… There’s the new JETS to be… They would be in a certain way the sons of the old JETS… Then, why not… The… WINNIPEG JETSONS.

  21. Manitoba has to be in the name. The MANITOBA JETSONS would be nice.

  22. how bout the ice bears

  23. how bout the ice bears

  24. MANITOBA NANOOKS…. Its Inuit for Polar Bears and would promote all of Manitoba tourism. Teal, and a few shades of blue would look cool…

  25. MANITOBA STINGERS with a Moaquito logo would be fun as well but not good for tourism.

  26. MANITOBA FLOODS,…….what other name suites this place better than Floods, I’m sure everyone can relate to this.

  27. The Winnipeg Warlords.

  28. Let’s call them the Threashers, the logo can be a threashing machine in homage to Manitoba’s wheat producing. the new colors can be John Deere Green & Yellow!


  30. My pick the Manitoba Golden Jets or Winnipeg Golden Jets ,It has a ring to it.

  31. Winnipeg Van Lines…Sorry, but they’ll be moving again.

  32. THRESHERS, sounds cool and pays tribute to Manitoba’s agricultural history.

  33. Winnipeg White Out
    Manitoba White Out

  34. The Winnipeg Suck it Bettman’s

  35. I like the Winnipeg Wendigos – Wendigo was a native spirit that preyed on man and symbolized bitter winter….I honestly can’t think of anything more fitting and iconic. Plus it would look great for merchandising…a cute lil yeti looking thing for kids, a beastly looking thing for us adults.

  36. I think the team should be called The Jets, regardless of the NHL’s ownership of the name. If the NHL is charging a $60 Million relocation fee why can’t the NHL pass on the name to the new team? Im assuming the NHL will hold onto “The Jets” name to continue to profit from it. If the team must be named differently than The Jets I think they should be called the Winnipeg White Out as a tribute to The Jets and fans wearing white to home playoff games or the Winnipeg Grenadiers after the infantry regiment based in Morden Manitoba.

  37. How about the Winnipeg Ice Holes?


  39. If you can’t use JETS, then I would go with:
    1. Winnipeg Bears (winnie the pooh originates from Winnipeg)
    2. Black Bears
    4. Chiil
    5. THe Winnipeg General Stirke( In memory of the General Strike that occurred after WW!. This Strike is a very important part of Canadian History and led to the birth to what would become The NDP)
    6.The Winnipeg Warriors just to use the phrase “Warriors, come out and plaaay!”

  40. The Winnipeg Golden Boys or Manitoba Golden Boys is what my step father says.
    I like the Manitoba Flood !
    Lakers or Grizzly’s arnt bad either.
    Go cunucks go.

  41. Manitoba Mad Trappers.,,, Or Manitoba Mad Trackers…,,, .. With a rough looking explorer type character, using snowshoes with Beaver pelts and fish hanging on a hockey sick over his shoulder..

    the Golden Jets sounds to much affiliated with Bobby Hull that bloody selfish pig….

  42. I think they should be named either: Winnipeg Growlers (named after the gray owl) or Winnipeg chickan mcnoogit.

  43. Don!, Love some of the suggestions, here are some I wondering out loud about:

    1) Manitoba Adlet (
    2) Manitoba Rebellion (bright red and white jersey’s (after red river) like Washingtons with
    a logo mimicking the Drummondville Voltigeurs)
    3) Manitoba Fisher (after that nasty a$$ badger they have)
    4) Winnipeg Manasoocan (
    5) Winnipeg Grenadiers (hats off to the military) Vintage Canadian green/yellow jerseys
    perhaps logo like the Brampton Battalion
    6) Winnipeg Wolverine

    If they go with another name at minimum they better have the old Jets crest as the shoulders patches

  44. Ursa Maritimus means Sea bear “Manitoba Sea Bears” “Manitoba Ice Bears” “Manitoba Arctic Bears” “Manitoba Glacier Bears” “Manitoba Polar Bears” “Manitoba Snow Bears” “Manitoba Blizzard Bears” “Manitoba Tundra Bears” “Manitoba Bears”

  45. How about Winnipeg Red River Rage, or Manitoba Metis or Winnipeg Wolverines or my fave the Winnipeg Non-Corperate Jets

  46. Winnipeg Encore (back again) (French spelling). The logo being the outline of the province of Manitoba with a capital “W” and a lower case “e” – with an echo shadow — spelling out “We” as in all Manitobans

  47. Winnipeg Winter
    Winnipeg White Bears
    Winnipeg Wind Chill
    Manitoba Ice
    Manitoba Freeze
    Manitoba Ice Bears
    Winnipeg Polar Ice
    Winnipeg Polar Bears
    Manitoba Frostbite
    Manitoba Skating Bears

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