We understand that Vancouver’s green men have imitators everywhere, but there’s something nightmarish about cutting the eye slots. Either be a man and wear the suit with no eye holes, or leave it at home and bring your dignity to the game instead. Then again, having rules and regulations dictating how to properly wear a green suit is a clear indication that the rapture is imminent.

Perhaps going down 2-0 again isn’t such a great idea

The Bruins were all but written off back in the opening round after dropping the first two games to Montreal on home ice. And sure, they battled back and eventually triumphed in Game 7, but three of their four wins required overtime heroics. The Boston Herald reminds us that it would be unwise to walk that thin ice again.

Maybe these playoff injury mind games aren’t a good idea after all

No sport matches hockey in its preposterous stubbornness towards injury information during the playoffs. The NFL, for example, requires teams to list the injury of a player, and the players’ probability of playing (questionable, probable, doubtful, etc). Sure, that system is tinkered with at times by Bill Belichick head coaches, but at least it’s there.

The Bruins still haven’t officially said anything about Patrice Bergeron’s status, apart from the always vague and practically meaningless “day-to-day” tag. Reports indicate that he’ll sit for Game 2 and likely suit up for Game 3, but could the effort to keep his status hidden be a distraction for Claude Julien and his staff?

Whoa there Boston! Seguin still can’t even drink legally in your fair city

Some mild salivating and brief euphoria is acceptable after rookie Tyler Seguin provided the only moment of glee for Boston fans in Game 1 with a dazzling goal and later an assist. There’s talk of him possibly taking a greater role on the Bruins’ power-less powerplay, and supplying the scoring in the absence of Bergeron.

Yahoo’s Jason Bourne reminds us that Seguin is still entering just his second career playoff game, and the pressure of increased expectations leads to mistakes and a heavy mental burden.

As an improving player trying to keep up in a league you can’t yet dominate, there’s nothing you need less than added pressure and excess minutes. Heightened expectations can lead to corner-cutting bad habits as you do whatever you cannot to let people down, and you know it’s good old-fashioned stats that they’ll use to judge your success. Further still, extra minutes (especially after not playing in awhile) can wear you down, making you more susceptible to injury.

Boucher doesn’t mind disclosing injury information

Unlike Julien, Tampa Bay head coach Guy Boucher is quite candid when asked about his injured players. Towering defenceman Pavel Kubina sustained a concussion during Game 1 of Tampa’s second round series against Washington, and Boucher told the St. Petersburg Times that his recovery has consisted of a few steps forward, and several back.

We don’t hate to speculate, we actually enjoy it quite a bit, and judging by Boucher’s pessimism it’s beginning to look like we may have seen the last of Kubina this spring.

“He’s not with us. He’s not even here, so the update is not very good,” Boucher said. “Every day there seems to be a little progression, it kind of slips back a bit.”