I can’t imagine waking up the morning of a Canucks game and excitedly holding playoff tickets in my hand, and then bolting for the closet to get my Teletubby hat ready. But I guess I couldn’t imagine doing the same thing with green body suits either, so maybe we’re witnessing the start of a costumed character uprising in Vancouver.

A different kind of diaper dandy

For the first five games of Vancouver’s playoff run, Alex Burrows was pretty pathetic. After finishing third on the Canucks in the regular season with 26 goals, Burrows was silent until scoring in Game 6 against Chicago, and then adding the overtime goal in Game 7 that averted disaster.

He still isn’t exactly on fire, but you likely won’t hear many complaints about his four goals over nine games. As Ed Willes of the Vancouver Province tells us, it was a pretty special, life-changing event that allowed Burrows to mentally escape and leave his problems at the rink during his scoring slump.

Fighting for truth, justice, and the Stanley Cup

Continuing with another little diddy from The Province, it seems maybe I’m onto something with these costumed crusaders emerging from the woodwork of Vancouver. They’re pretty original too, because no one’s ever used the name Captain Canuck before.

Can we please bury the phrase “Canada’s team” forever?

There’s nothing that grinds my gears more than being told nearly every spring that as a righteous, self-respecting Canadian hockey fan who doesn’t want to commit treason, I must abandon my allegiances if my team has been eliminated and support whichever Canadian team still remains. The burning desire to bring a cup to Canada drives this twisted thinking, even though over half of the NHL is Canadian. Let’s be clear here: there’s nothing morally wrong with you if you jump onto the overflowing Canucks bandwagon, but it’s the notion that an entire country is expected to rally behind the Canucks right now that’s a little ridiculous. Fan affiliations will always trump patriotism.

It was one year ago at this time that the Habs were Canada’s only remaining hope for a cup. Yes, I vividly remember the day that every Leafs fan in Toronto ditched their blue-and-white attire, and you couldn’t find a Jaroslav Halak jersey in the entire city. And to think it was only four years ago when the same city paraded in Daniel Alfredsson sweaters, and the Sens’ theme song was playing on a constant loop in bars.

No one is against you, Vancouver, but as Mike Strobel of the Toronto Sun found out, it’s difficult to find Canucks die-hards in Ontario’s capital.

It’s no Montreal Pizza

We’ll see if the name change of Shark Club bars across British Columbia has the same effect as Montreal Pizza, which was solely and single-highhandedly responsible for knocking the Habs out of the playoffs (not really).

Those nasty bumps and bruises

At least Sharks head coach Todd McLellan gives us something when he’s talking about injuries, although citing “bumps and bruises” as the reason for defenceman Jason Demers’ likely continued absence is still pretty weak.

History will be made every day, on every shift, on every shot

Ending with a little slice of history, here’s the latest overly dramatic, overly produced, and nearly meaningless “History will be made” spot from the NHL. Tomorrow will be either “history goes up 2-0″ or “history splits the first two games”.