Last night hockey fans saw what lies under the shirt of woman for the first time. We were surprised, captivated, and curious about this strange new world, expressing our delight with the first appearance of boobs on the Internet when the screen captured images first began to pop up on Twitter. We’re also quite anxious to know what the Vancouver boob flasher did with the Green Men, and what they’ll do to reclaim their penalty box fame from the hands of this wild skin-bearing vixen.

That nameless exhibitionist now has a face, and she’s forever etched in our minds, with her place in hockey flashing folklore cemented. She joins a brief but legendary list of others who thought hockey games are best watched with the body free to breathe in open air.

Since we like to make our days at work as difficult as possible here at HOTH, let’s take a stroll down that memory lane.

Maybe it’s just something about Canada…

Those wild Canadian girls just can’t resist the allure of the glass, or so it seems. Last January with the second period winding down in a tie game between the Habs and Sens in Ottawa, a woman in the front row tried to get the attention of either the players, the camera, or something.

Keep your eye on the bottom left corner of the video. You probably won’t miss the woman frantically waving her arms anyway, and when that failed the next logical option required public exposure.

EMBED-Hockey Fan Flasher Sens vs. Habs – Watch more free videos

Surely the first public revealing Florida has ever seen

The Panthers have struggled with attendance and overall crappiness for a while, qualifying for the playoffs only three times in their 16-year history. Those hideous and inexplicable avocado seats sit unoccupied on a nightly basis, so in March of 2009 one woman took it upon herself to bring some excitement to the sunny south.

Upon realizing that they’re on camera or caught on the arena’s big screen, most people will either sheepishly wave, or pretend they don’t notice and wait for their few seconds of being publicly broadcasted to pass. This young lady in Florida isn’t most people, and she did a lot more than just ditch some clothing (NSFW link, obviously).

Nudity and ice don’t mix

We’re not gender-biased, and we’re aware that man boobs have also made an appearance at an NHL rink. In what was the most ill-conceived streaking attempt in sports history (yes, some fans actually have a gameplan before they run onto the field of play), a drunken buffoon wearing only a pair of red socks jumped the glass at the Saddledome back in 2002. Coming to the quick realization that ice is slippery, the combination of his inebriation and the slick surface led to the fan promptly falling and smashing his head, briefly knocking him unconscious.

It was the first and hopefully last time streaking will mix with the harsh shrinkage effect of cold arena air.

That poor man immediately to the right of our streaking friend is frozen forever in his moment of curiosity.