An Ode To Vancouver Canucks Fans

In his nightly “Pre-Game Jitters” posts, Sean Tomlinson often highlights the creativity and absurdity of some Vancouver Canucks fans (for example, these Terrance & Philip costumes from yesterday’s post.) We’re not exactly sure what’s causing it, but the Canucks fanbase sure enjoys costumes.

Today we present our ode to some creative Canucks fans and their wacky get-ups.

Note: This post is Green Men and Boob Girl free, since they’ve already received enough publicity.

We’re pretty sure that this is the face you see before you die… or that this man is suffering from serious hypothermia. Either way, it’s terrifying. Of course, our favourite part of this picture is the woman on the left in the background. She clearly isn’t amused.

Did this person carve a “Johnny Canuck” figure out of foam and attach it to his hat? That’s dedication and very impressive whittling.  We just hope he took it off during the game so those behind him could see.

We can’t say for sure, but we feel like these guys may have consumed more than a couple adult beverages prior to this photo being taken. We’d like to see them standing out of order. That would lead to a lot of people asking “What’s ‘LUGOON’ mean?”

These Canucks fans were also mentioned in a Pre-Game Jitters post. We still have no idea what the Teletubbies have to do with the Vancouver Canucks, but these are two of the most bad ass Teletubbies we’ve ever seen. The best part is that these fans aren’t just wearing Teletubby head gear. If you look closely, it appears that they’re in full costume under their jerseys.

Giant green hand? Check. Tiny Stanley Cup? Check. Crazy blue hair? Check. Ready for the game!

Apparently this guy wants to play between the two Sedins. Someone should let him know that Henrik plays center, so he’d actually have to paste his face in to the right. That is, if the two photos of the Sedins are actually the two different Sedins and not just a mirror image of whichever Sedin that is.

This one’s pretty clever. It’s obvious that the Canucks will play an American team in the final which could lead to a bet between US President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Harper. The loser will likely have to wear the winning team’s jersey, much like this Obama cut-out.

People seem to love putting their own head in between the two Sedins, don’t they?

That’s hardcore.