The only city that has a shot at out-crazying Vancouver is Boston. In a Bruins/Canucks Stanley Cup Final normal NHL rules will be abandoned, and home ice advantage will be decided after each team’s crew of fan superheroes has a duel to the death. There will be lightning and balls of fire, and The Green Men will counter with arm-waving and handstands.

Guy Boucher went to church, but he still doesn’t have any word on Bergenheim

Sean Bergenheim’s absurd uprising to lead the playoffs in goals has been put on hold since he left Game 5 with an undisclosed injury (see: groin) in the first period. Yesterday Tampa Bay head coach Guy Boucher said he may attend church to pray for Bergenheim. We’re sure the house of God frowns on his crazy face, so let’s hope he kept that in the bag.

Despite his prayer, the update on Bergenheim didn’t change today. The winger skated only briefly on his own during practice this morning. He was wearing sweats too, so that’s bad, right? Boucher didn’t express much optimism to the St. Petersburgh Times.

“We have to wait,” he said. “The doctors are looking at him now and we have to wait until tonight, and then make a game-time decision.”

Boucher added that if Bergenheim can’t suit up then he’ll either slide in Dana Tyrell, or dress a seventh defenceman, most likely Randy Jones.

The Zen master is displeased

Referee Eric Furlatt sure seems to enjoy calling penalties against Tampa Bay, an odd habit that Boucher has certainly noticed.

Say, who’s officiating tonight’s game? I believe one of the men with the orange armbands this evening will go by the name of Furlatt. Prepare for the craziest crazy face you’ve ever seen.

36 gallons of blue dye is required to win a hockey game

That’s how much dye was needed to turn the Garrison Channel in Tampa Bay into a sea of oozing blue support for the Lightning tonight. We’re sure this will improve the area’s water quality.

Boucher’s funny poses make for funny Photoshopping

Did we mention that Boucher makes a pretty insane crazy face? Well he gestures quite wildly too, which spawned some pretty fantastic Photoshopping efforts showcased by Days of Y’Orr.

Johnny Boychuk is feeling fine

We’d like to picture him humming REM while telling the media that he’s doing just fine after a hit from Steve Downie that left him a little foggy in Game 5.