The Dump and Chase – 05/25/2011

The Vancouver Canucks are going to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time since 1994 thanks to a little help from a stanchion and a flub from Kevin Bieksa. The puck has this way about it that causes it to do strange things at the most critical times. If Sidney Crosby’s gold medal winning shot fooled Ryan Miller, Patrick Kane’s Cup winner from last spring fooled everyone that had a set of eyes on the game.

Kevin Bieksa’s overtime winner was just about one of the strangest bounces you’ll see. Antti Niemi never had a chance, nobody but Kevin Bieksa knew where this puck was until it tumbled into the San Jose net:

More on the Canucks victory and post-game notes:

Kurtenblog with a ‘pick your Bieksa goal call’.

Recap and observations from Pass it to Bulis: I watched this game.

Cam Charron at Nucks Misconduct takes the ‘where were you?’ approach.

Mr. Planks bids adieu to the San Jose Sharks as the door is shut on another season.

Wyshynski asks ‘what changes for next year‘ in San Jose?

Joe Thornton on Sharks’ loss and his shoulder

Jumbo played through the pain of a separated shoulder in Game 5. The haters can’t pin this one on Joe Thornton.

Sports Illustrated writer declares puck possession is key, ignores existence of puck possession stats

SI’s Brian Cazeneuve wishes there was a way to quantify puck possession. Ok Corsiatti, have your way with him… or just continue keeping your advanced stats a secret:

As the outcomes of the Stanley Cup playoff games continue to prove, puck possession is what matters most these days—even if there is no tidy way to quantify what it means. Football has quarterback rating, basketball has offensive efficiency and baseball minds meditate on imposing acronyms like BABIP, VORP and WAR. But for the one pro league that has Sabres, the NHL is short on mainstream sabermetrics.

Boucher says Roloson will start Game 6 for Tampa

This sounds very familiar, via Damian Cristodero at Lightning Strikes:

“Well, I mean, he was the guy that took us here, and that’s how I felt before last game; but like I said, I felt like it was time to give him a little breather,” Boucher said Tuesday. “And at the same time I felt that Smitty played really well. So it’s a perfect situation to put Smitty in. If something were to go wrong in the previous game, put a new goaltender in for a do-or-die, I don’t think it would have been a good moment for anybody. So this is a perfect situation. He’s going to be the only rested guy in the two teams.”

I dunno, until the puck drops I’m believing that Pat Jablonski could show up as Tampa’s starter.

Blackhawks legend Stan Mikita to undergo treatment for cancer

The Chicago Tribune reports that Stan Mikita has been diagnosed with oral cancer, and he will undergo ‘external beam radiation therapy’.

Talking with Theo Fleury

The good people at The Good Point are doing a bang-up job with their hockey coverage. Taking a break from their Memorial Cup and junior coverage, Matisz has a great piece with interview excerpts from Theo Fleury on his post-NHL journey.

Top 5 saves of the week