Boston could potentially be without the services of Nathan Horton heading into Friday’s Game 7 versus Tampa. A report surfaced via 1040 ESPN Tampa Bay that featured a pair of fan shot videos in which Horton can be seen spraying a Lightning fan with water and tossing the bottle at him following Wednesday’s Game 6.

Horton can be seen grabbing the bottle on his way to the dressing room before he stops to douse the fan, which also leads to the debate that it was a premeditated act. The question now is whether or not Horton faces a suspension which, if history is an indication, is a real possibility. You may recall New York Rangers head coach John Tortorella was suspended for Game 6 versus the Washington Capitals in the 2009 Eastern Conference Quarter Finals for a similar incident.

It’s difficult to deny the video evidence that’s making its way around the interwebs, therefore the NHL will most likely have to investigate this incident to some degree. It was a foolish thing for Horton to do and it could ultimately cost his team a shot at making it to the Stanley Cup Finals.

The incident takes place right around the 1:30 mark:

We shall see what happens…

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  1. …it starts at 1:26 when the jagoff fan in blue comes from across the stadium to scream obscenities at the Bruins, he deserved what he got — which really wasn’t that much. Also, notice there’s no glass partition between the player walkway and the fans on that side, that’s Tampa Bay’s problem.

    Horton = fined, but no suspension.

  2. Hey Gabe

    I’m sure if one of the Lightning players displayed such lack of discipline after Game 5 in Boston you would be screaming from the rooftops for a suspension of that Lightning player.
    You numbskull.


  3. regardless, professionalism is in order with any player.

  4. Come on guys, be serious!!!

    Do you really think that Horton will get suspended for a game 7?

    Even if John Tortorella got suspended for the same offense, everybody knows there are 3 guide to Colin Campbell rule.

  5. Guide book for NHL rule #1
    This guide applies if you are an all star or making more then 4 million a year

    Guide book for NHL rule #2
    This guide applies if you are a 3rd or 4rth liner or a tough guy/rookie. It is harder then guidebook #1

    Guide book for NHL rule #3
    This guide applies if you are part of my son’s team, so Boston Bruins. This guide supplant all previous version and is the softer version so that no suspension can be done unless a Bruins player actually kill someone.

    If Horton get suspended, I will be the 1st one to come and applaud, but will never happen!!

  6. @Ken: …”numbskull”? Scooter asked a question, I answered. Same situation, but substitute Horton with Stamkos, and I’d write the same thing. Douche.

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