Good riddance, 2K Sports' NHL series

Sports video game publisher 2K Sports confirmed what we all knew was coming in speaking with gaming blog Kotaku on Wednesday: “2K Sports will not release an NHL title for consoles this year”. Yes, it seems that shoddy controls and a glitch ridden hockey title is no match for EA Sports’ NHL series or even its Wii exclusive Slapshot game.

2K abandoned next generation consoles like Xbox 360 and PS3 for the 2010-11 installment of their hockey title, instead releasing the game for Nintendo Wii as well as watered down versions for iPhone and iPad. Ryan Kesler graced the cover of NHL 2K11, and also appeared in several ads for the game along with Los Angeles Kings defenceman Jack Johnson. The game itself, much like Johnson’s career, left much to be desired. Complaints ranged from frustrating controls to lifeless colour and graphics.

While EA Sports’ hockey releases often come with their own set of problems out of the box, most of them get ironed out with a patch or two. Like a can’t miss prospect the NHL series delivers on its promise year after year, where as 2K’s efforts are more symbolic of guys like Patrik Stefan and Jason Bonsignore.

You make a great NBA game 2K, but it’s for the best that you’re leaving hockey to the pros.