Nearly 4 million human lives were changed forever on April 4, 1980 when the Atlanta Flames played their last game in Georgia. The survivors of the Flames’ relocation to Calgary called it Judgment Day. They lived only to face a new nightmare: the return of hockey to Atlanta in the form of the Thrashers. The man that controls the machines, Jim Balsillie, made multiple attempts to poach hockey teams – but not even the Blackberry guy wanted anything to do with the Thrashers.

True North Sports and Entertainment’s mission: to capitalize on the financial failings of southern hockey franchises in hopes of moving one to Winnipeg. Their first target was the former Jets turned Coyotes of Phoenix, but it was thwarted by Gary Bettman’s will and the city of Glendale’s deep pockets, True North tried to take back the former Winnipeg franchise. It failed. Their second target was the lowly Atlanta Thrashers. As before, the resistance was futile, but there was no effort from the NHL to keep the Thrashers in Atlanta.

On May 19, 2011, Stephen Brunt of The Globe and Mail reported that the Thrashers were a mere formal announcement away from relocating to Winnipeg. TSN et al. disputed that claim. It was just a question of which one of them would report a done deal first…

Both TSN and Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos are now saying that an announcement on the sale of the Atlanta Thrashers could come as early as tomorrow.

Will May 31, 2011 be Judgment Day for the Atlanta Thrashers?

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  1. Hi Scott. I’ve done this more than a few times as well: write, edit, then publish thinking everything makes sense, but later on realize everything actually only makes sense if we had included the stuff we took out in the editing phase…

    “Nearly 4 million human were changed forever…”

    “It was just a question of them would report a done deal first…”

  2. Hey Gabriel. I call it hitting publish and going to lunch…

  3. Bloggers get lunch breaks? How do you differentiate that time from the rest of the day then? ;)

  4. Basically my whole day feels like a break, but there’s a couple of spots where I put food in my mouth.

  5. ” call it hitting publish and going to lunch…”

    …I’ve done that as well. I had an editor who called it “bird watching”. I used to call it “going to The Monarch to get a start on / finish off the weekend.”

  6. Damn, SLewis, your readers are way, way more forgiving than mine.

    When I do something like that, I usually get called a fag for a few posts, then am told to quit my job.

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  8. That picture is so ignorant… Atlanta has had 2 hockey teams already. The NHL has been avoiding Canada for years, and only giving it a breath this year. The sign should say ‘Canada’ instead of ‘Atlanta’.

  9. “The NHL has been avoiding Canada for years, ”

    With good reason. Winnipeg’s only viable because they built a new (undersized) arena and, more significantly, the Canadian dollar unfortunately strengthened. If you’d tried to move a club back to Winnipeg at any point prior to the lockout, you’d have been called clinically insane.

  10. Stephen,

    You clearly are AMERICAN to the core. Hockey is to Canada like NASCAR is to the south. Built it and they will come! In a few years your dollar will have more in common with the Paso then the Canadian buck, if your president does not get control of your dept.

  11. Stephen,

    With all due respect but it is the right thing that Canda gets a seventh NHL team. Canada is the life blood of the NHL, heck we should have a few more and make it 10. The reason the Canadian dollar has strengthenedis because our government has done things that your Republicans won’t with the economy. Sorry to get political but its the truth. Want to know what I mean just email me And besides there are plenty of american teams that should not be in the NHL anyway.

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