The Dump and Chase – 05/30/2011

Saint John take Memorial Cup

The Saint John Sea Dogs dumped the host Mississauga St. Michael’s Majors 3-1 to take the 93rd Memorial Cup on Sunday. The Sea Dogs championship victory marks the first time a team from the Maritimes has claimed the Memorial Cup. It was a feat that was not lost on Sea Dogs head coach Gerard Gallant, via CBCSports:

“This mean so much to Atlantic Canada,” said Sea Dogs coach Gerard Gallant, who hails from Summerside, P.E.I. “It just shows you how much talent we have out there. We had 10 or 11 kids from Atlantic Canada on our team. That’s outstanding and it’s only going to help develop more kids.”

Maxim Lapierre was raised to hate Bruins

Vancouver Canucks agitator Maxim Lapierre holds his Quebec roots close and carries a strong disdain for the Boston Bruins. The former Montreal Canadiens didn’t hold any feelings back in expressing his ingrained hatred for the ‘Broons’, via The White Towel:

“I was raised to hate the Bruins. That’s the way it is for pretty much everybody in Montreal. They [Canadiens] had to win every year or people would be pissed off for the whole summer.”

“It took one second,” said Lapierre. “It [cell phone] was buzzing non-stop with people saying: ‘You’ve got to beat the Bruins.’ They just can’t stand them but it’s going to be like that in the final. Everybody is going to hate each other and it’s going to be a war out there. I know what to expect because I’ve played them a lot in the playoffs in the past.”

Future in Phoenix unclear for Bryzgalov, Jovanovski

What Ilya Bryzgalov decides to do for next season may ultimately alter the Phoenix Coyotes roster. The Arizona Republic runs down potential salary cap implications and possible roster changes on the horizon with both Bryzgalov and Jovanovski set for free agency.

You don’t say! Hockey Canada bans all hits to the head

Via QMI Agency:

Hockey Canada has decided to go with the safer approach, banning all head hits.

Newly elected Hockey Canada board chairman Michael Bruni said the organization is intent on leading the way in the fight against concussions.

“It’s long overdue,” Bruni, a Calgarian, said of the zero tolerance stance Hockey Canada has taken against head shots. We had no choice but to show some leadership. This has been a lingering issue in the sport for a long time.”

Hockey Canada has implemented mandatory penalties for all hits — both accidental and intentional — at all levels of minor, junior (levels A, B, C and D), senior and female competition.

The new rules are not in effect in Canada’s three major junior circuits as the WHL, OHL and QMJHL are self-governing.

“We have to make this safe for the young kids,” Bruni said.

Oilers re-up Jones for two

The Edmonton Oilers have reportedly re-signed Ryan Jones on a two-year deal. Jones enjoyed a breakout of sorts by potting 18 goals in 2010-11. The Copper & Blue declares Jones as ‘The Greatest Hair in the League’, and somewhere Mike Green is weeping.

Here’s a kitty batting a tabletop hockey puck around [Kitties]