The gambit of emotions that follows a professional sports team’s departure from a city is difficult for the human mind to withstand. Here and elsewhere the Thrashers’ fanbase has been heckled and ridiculed at times, but every franchise has its die-hards. Heck, even Coyotes fans were bent on #throwingthesnake, so surely somewhere amongst the sea of empty blue seats in Atlanta there are a few fans whose hearts are aching today while the euphoria continues on Portage and Main.

After these fans realize their daggers and pitchforks are of no use, and after they read a few scathing editorials and swear off NHL hockey for the rest of their existence, there’s still one problem. What will they do with that closet of Thrashers merchandise?

They’ll sell it on eBay, of course.

That’s right, don’t delay. There’s a gold mine of items destined to be collector’s items in about 15 or 20 years waiting for your bid on eBay. Even if your purchase’s value doesn’t climb enough to finance your home or pay off student loans, it’s only a matter of time until wearing Thrashers gear becomes as cool as rocking Whalers and Nordiques swag.

After spending an unhealthy amount of time scouring the cultural time capsule that is eBay, we came up with our top Thrashers purchase recommendations.

Souvenir mini helmet

Starting bid: None

Current leading bid: $0.01

Straight from a local vending machine, this item is still in its original packaging, and it’s in mint condition. Be careful though, because its owner drives a hard bargain.

You can’t lose with a zero starting bid!  In Canada shipping of this item is $17.00.  Shipping to the states is $10.00.  Doesn’t make sense to me as I live in Canada but those are the costs.  If you have other shipping methods that can save you a few dollars I’m ok with that, but for any extra work I have to do to ship it I will charge an extra $2.00 for my time plus you will pay the shipping costs from your end and arrange all the details and I can take it to whatever company you want me to ship it from.  Good luck!

The Igor Kovalchuk bobblehead doll

Starting bid: $9.95

Current leading bid: $14.00

Showing the intense passion of those Thrashers die-hards, this fan has a rare and valuable bobblehead of former franchise superstar Igor Kovalchuck, the brother of Ilya. The lesser of the two siblings, Igor spent much of his career in the shadow of his older and far more talented brother.

Pascal Rheaume

Starting bid: $6.99

Current leading bid: None

You just never know when a player will bust out and become that late-blooming superstar. Could Pascal Rheaume dig himself out of his current hockey graveyard with the Flint Generals of the International league? Probably not, but at least you’ll be commemorating the two seasons in which he was able to maintain an NHL job, playing a combined 98 games between 2001-02 and 2002-03.

This is also a fine fallback option if you strike out on Pascal’s much more famous sister who was the first woman to play in the NHL.

A ticket stub from the Thrashers first game

Starting bid: $34.99

Current leading bid: None

There were strange, wild, and vibrant times way back in 1999, a time when we were all partying like there was a song telling us to party like it’s 1999. Napster was just launching, and Windows 98 was released, bringing MSN Messenger along with it and subsequently stripping an entire generation of its ability to communicate using normal English.

And on a historic night in October, the Atlanta Thrashers made their debut. For a price that’s likely lower than the value of the actual seat, this ticket stub can be yours. For years you’ll be able to chuckle at the irony of Atlanta’s first game coming against a team that was on the other end of a trade that played a major role in sending those beloved Thrashers north.

Thrashers dog shirt

Starting price: $16.99

Current leading bid: None

What does eBay rock bottom look like? When dog apparel is deemed to be nearly half as valuable as a ticket stub to the first game in the history of a sports franchise.