Perhaps the greatest historical storyline heading into the Stanley Cup Final between the Canucks and Bruins is the legendary Cam Neely trade. Sure, there’s not a lot in the way of much ballyhooed history between these two teams from opposite coasts of the continent, but they’ve had their share of run-ins over the years.

We spent the better part of an afternoon digging up old clips of physical confrontations between the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins, and some of the combatants that popped up were rather surprising. Here’s a sampling of some historical battles between the 2011 Stanley Cup finalists, and one incident we all wish had never taken place:

Bobby Orr vs. Rosaire Paiement

Rosaire Paiement tied up the greatest defenceman to ever lace ‘em up along the board and No. 4 takes exception. Bobby Orr lands a couple of shots to Paiement’s noggin in an otherwise tame affair for 1972.

Thornton vs. Scatchard

The usually gentle giant, Joe Thornton, popped his NHL fight cherry by dropping the gloves with then Vancouver Canucks forward Dave Scatchard back in 1997. Thornton held his own, but we’re leaning toward Scatchard for the win in this one.

Cam Neely vs. Nevin Markwart

After this bout, presumably, Harry Sinden formulated a plan to land Neely and the Canucks’ 1st round draft pick in 1987 for nothing but Barry Pederson.

Let’s have a brawl

What’s a mid-to-late 80s hockey brawl without Mike Milbury losing his sweater?

Wayne Cashman vs Dennis Ververgaert

Not exactly a pair of heavyweight contenders, but Cashman and Ververgaert turn in a decent performance as far punching each other goes.

McSorely sticks it to Brashear

Behold the end of Marty McSorely’s playing career in what stands as one of the game’s all-time ugliest incidents.

We’re not expecting much in the way of line-brawls or heavyweight tilts in the Stanley Cup Final, but you can bet on some quality chirping and sneaky stick work from the likes of Brad Marchand and Maxim Lapierre.