The Dump and Chase – 06/01/2011

There are two seasons for hockey players, hockey season and no shirt season. Here Sean Avery, Brad Richards, and Aaron Voros are enjoying a Jamaican vacation sans shirts. You guys work out?

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‘Winnipeg’s team: Young, fast, and loads of cap space’

Noah Love of the National Post takes a look at the Atlanta Thrashers turned Winnipeg Whatever and their youth laden roster. I for one believe that Manitobans will be better off inheriting this roster over say, the Phoenix Coyotes. Give it a few years… That nearly $38 million in cap space could do some damage if free agents are willing to head north.

Waddell talks Thrashers’ downfall

Via Greg Wyshynski, Puck Daddy:

“There’s no doubt that if we had more success, maybe we would have had a better turnout at the gate. Something we always look back at: If we had duplicated when we won our division (in 2007) and went to the playoffs, we were set up to build the momentum in the marketplace. But that didn’t happen.

When you win more, you’re going to get more excited fans. There are a lot of things that played into our lack of success (as a franchise), and certainly that would have to be at the top of the list.

Yeah, were there things that happened you’d like to change? Certainly. But we’re all passionate about our jobs, and nobody wants to fail, I can tell you that. Nobody from the top down wants to fail. When you make decisions — when it’s a trade, a draft or whatever it is — you truly believe, as a group, that it’s in the best interests of the franchise.”

Kevin Dineen to coach Florida Panthers

Kevin Dineen is set to take over coaching duties in Sunrise, with a formal announcement coming today. The Panthers are coming under some fire for scheduling the announcement of a new head coach on the first day of the Stanley Cup Final, but it’s not like the franchise just got sold and relocated or anything.

Chris Pronger talks ‘shitfaced’ Mike Keenan and doesn’t know mics are live

Nice catch from XM Radio’s NHL Live via Deadspin. Pronger talked the Blues 1996 Game 7 double OT loss to the Detroit Red Wings after the show cut to a correspondent, but the studio mics were still live:

Thank fucking God I wasn’t on the ice. Because I would have been blamed for it. … We got spanked in that series, we lost the first game tight, 3-2, whatever, second game we got blown out 8-1, and it was like an NBC game, or whatever it was, and, oh my God, [coach Mike Keenan] came in and ripped everybody, tore Gretzky a new ass, and I’m sure he’d never had that happen before, and that was it, he was like, I’m not re-signing here, I’m done. That was it. Mike showed up at his hotel that night—it was an afternoon game—that night showed up shitfaced at his room…

Tanner Glass fights Bruins

Fantastic Photoshopping from Pass it to Bulis: Tanner Glass fighting Bruins!

Say, that’s a delicious looking Penguins logo

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Tim Thomas Wizard

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