“I’m ever so grateful. I’ve decided that I want to be Gilbert Brule.”

-U2 frontman Bono at a concert in Edmonton on Wednesday

Former first round pick (6th overall in 2005) Gilbert Brule hasn’t exactly made himself a household name with his on-ice performance, but after a bizarre hitchhiking incident on Tuesday in Vancouver the Edmonton Oilers forward may have found a few new fans. The most notable being Irish crooner Bono.

Brule and his girlfriend were driving in West Vancouver when they spotted a couple of hitchhikers, one of which Brule swore was Bono. After convincing his girlfriend that they had to turn around for another look, the couple actually ended up giving Bono and his assistant a lift to Horseshoe Bay.

From the Edmonton Journal:

Turns out, he [Bono] and his assistant had gone out for a walk when it started to rain, just before Brule and Nichols happened upon them.

On the drive to Horseshoe Bay, Bono and his assistant sat in the back with the couple’s dog. The four chatted about Brule’s hockey career, about Dublin and Bono’s apparent love for Vancouver.

Bono mentioned that his band was playing a show in Edmonton on Wednesday and asked if they’d like to go.

So Brule and Nichols sold their tickets for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals, bought plane tickets (three, so Brule’s mom could come too) and flew back to Edmonton, where Brule is a forward for the Oilers.

On Brule’s pass, he wrote: “My hero Gilbert.”

With that, we should expect copycats like Coldplay frontman Chris Martin to adorn his piano with Gilbert Brule inspired slogans in the very near future.