As our own Sean Tomlinson stated yesterday, ticket sales for Winnipeg’s yet to be named NHL team are off to a great start to the surprise of no one. With an average ticket price of $82, only the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens can lay claim to higher average costs. This is the reality that a small market team in an even smaller arena faces: it won’t be cheap to watch NHL hockey.

Given that Winnipeg’s MTS Centre seats just over 15,000 and the fact that Gary Bettman is calling on the sale of 13,000 season tickets to be sold in advance – the secondary ticket market figures to be an active arena for the common fan to try and obtain seats for NHL hockey. With a limited supply and a hockey hungry population, ticket re-sale vendors like StubHub! and TiqIQ could push the cost of enjoying NHL hockey into the realm of larger cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

Chris Matcovich of TiqIQ, for one, believes that the average cost of Winnipeg hockey tickets on the secondary market could reach as high as $271.09. Matcovich figures that a mid-range could be $207.30, or as low as $147.27. In an email, Matcovich explained that he based his figures on Canadian teams’ % above face value and average ticket prices. The ‘high’ figure of $271.09 would put Winnipeg behind only the Vancouver Canucks in terms of average ticket price on the secondary market. Even the low estimate of $147.27 would place Winnipeg ahead of Calgary, Edmonton, and Ottawa on the Canadian team average cost standings.

Matcovich’s data:

Average Secondary Market Ticket price for each team

  • Canadiens- $248.89
  • Leafs- $219.44
  • Senators-$121.23
  • Canucks- $279.88
  • Flames- $107.78
  • Oilers- $116.40

Avg ticket price for each team on the primary market

  • Leafs- $114
  • Canadiens- $82
  • Canucks- $65
  • Flames- $60
  • Oilers- $60
  • Senators- $56
  • Winnipeg- $82*

*-Average based on announced prices Prices provided by Forbes

% over face

  • Leafs- 92.5%
  • Canadiens- 203.5%
  • Canucks- 330.6%
  • Flames- 79.6%
  • Senators- 116.5%
  • Oilers- 94%

Average % over face 152.8%

Winnipeg potential secondary market ticket price based on Canadian teams % above face and average ticket prices

  • Average- $207.30
  • Low- $147.27
  • High- $271.09

While we’re not ready to swear by these numbers, it’s becoming apparent that watching NHL hockey won’t come cheap in Winnipeg regardless of how tickets are obtained.

Image via Kingstonist