You’re in our thoughts and prayers tonight, Green Men. Here’s to hoping they brought a green guy entourage of some kind to Boston.

Win or lose, Vancouver’s favourite men in green will have a long night

Boston is a world class city, and anyone who’s ever been to the town that’s famous for a party of some kind that involved tea knows the people are generally nice, well-meaning souls. But there’s a vast difference between Bruins fans and the other bandwagoners that Vancouver’s Green Men have encountered on their trips to Nashville and San Jose during these playoffs.

There won’t be violence tonight, and it’s unwise to even joke about such cruelty after the caveman-like behavior in Los Angeles. But this certainly won’t be a pleasant evening for Vancouver’s green-clad hereos. Boston fans are relentless, which doesn’t necessarily make them unique or different from fans north of the border. The distinction lies in their lack of humble Canadian politeness, and the Green Men will likely hear many things that can’t be unheard tonight.

In an interview with WEEI in Boston, the two spandex warriors were aware of what they’re getting into.

“Vancouver fans are pretty respectful toward [Bruins fans]. I’m hoping it’s the same [in Boston]. I don’t expect it to be. I understand if it’s not.”

They’re going to Yankee Stadium on Tuesday to cheer on the Red Sox too, so that has to earn some brownie points in Boston, right?

And here’s today’s Bruins fan song that will make you head for the nearest ledge

Some minor NSFW language, which we’re sure you’ve never heard before.

We understand and encourage passion, especially during the Stanley Cup Final. But being creative with weird costumes is far more healthy for our ears than trying to be creative with terrible vocals.

Hamhuis day-to-day for another day

It’s like Saturday all over again as far as Canucks defenceman Dan Hamhuis is concerned. After leaving the ice following a hip check on Milan Lucic in Game 1, Hamhuis missed Game 2 and Andrew Alberts took his place. Hamhuis sat out the morning skate again today, putting his status for tonight in question.

As Alain Vigneault reminded the assembled media this afternoon, injuries on the back end are nothing new for Vancouver. The Canucks have used 13 different defenceman this year, and if Hamhuis can’t suit up tonight it’ll be Alberts getting the call again.

Claude Julien doesn’t want to comment on Lapierre, but does it anyway

The Bruins head coach tried to tip-toe around saying that he didn’t like Maxim Lapierre’s latest stunt. It didn’t work.

“The NHL rules on something and they decide to make a mockery of it. That’s totally up to them. If that’s their way of handling things, then so be it. Again, we can’t waste our time on that kind of stuff. We really have to focus on what we have to do. The last time I looked, we’re down two games to none, and all our energy has to go towards that.”

Ummm Claude, do you remember when Andrew Ference flipped off the crowd in Montreal? Or how about when Nathan Horton hosed down a fan in Tampa Bay? Hey, call Lapierre a douchebag if you want (it wouldn’t be the first time), but at least he directs his douchebaggery at the opposition.

Boston’s secret weapon to counteract Lapierre is…

Shawn Thornton, of course.

When Patrice Bergeron returned from his concussion after missing the first two games of the Eastern Conference Final, Thornton received a seat in the press box after Julien decided to ride Tyler Seguin’s hot hand. But with the Canucks taunting and biting Boston, and generally winning the physical battle against a team known for its brute force, Comcast New England reports that Thornton could draw into the lineup tonight to add some muscle.