Boston will be without Nathan Horton for the rest of the Stanley Cup Final. The Bruins report that Horton suffered a severe concussion, much to the surprise of no one, and he will not return following Monday’s vicious check at the hands of Aaron Rome.

The concussion was likely more a result of Horton’s head slamming into the ice, but Rome will likely be forced to miss some action for his hit. As with a lot of accusations of player’s leaving their feet on a hit, it can be argued that Rome did not get air until after the initial impact. Regardless, it was a late hit.

Rome’s fate should be known later today. We’ll have further details once news is available.

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  1. Chara got no punishment for a worse hit.

    I love how Boston cries foul, yet ignores all their wrong doings. Burrows should of been suspended for game 2? What about Horton being suspended for Game 7 vs Tampa Bay, after he sprayed a fan with water, then threw the bottle at him?

  2. Rome’s gone for the rest of the final. ABOUT FUCKING TIME.

    Not that it will hurt the Canucks in the least, but, still, a necessary signal. Now commence the Vancouver tinfoil hat conspiracy rants in 3… 2… 1….

  3. [...] and released this morning after being diagnosed with a severe concussion, which clearly means he’s out for the remainder of the playoffs.There’s one indisputable fact with this hit: it was late. Those defending Rome will say state [...]

  4. No one cared when Char almost killed someone,or when rome was smashed in the chicago series without any suspension.What goes around comes around.Thorton also mouthed of Rome right before he went to take his next shift and he was angry and gave some payback!!

  5. Vancouver is done. With or without Horton Boston is winning the next 3. I am Canadian and I think a Canadian team needs the cup….. just not the soft-as-hell Canucks… They are shit.

  6. Only a complete moron would compare this hit to chara’s ,Rome’s was late with the obvious intent to injure .the glass partition should have received the penalty on chara’s .But really who cares about Rome ,the league made an example out of him because he’s a nobody and this doesn’t impact that group of whiners in Vancouver anyway so let’s just play the damn game

  7. Bruins fans saying that all other teams are whinners…..that’ a first. How funny things turn around when it’s a Bruins player laying down the ice!!!!

  8. Nice try frenchie no bruins fan here so I’m as impartial as it gets .As I remember most of the crying comes out of the bell center but that’s another story.Sadly the league is trying to save face but they need a higher profile player to make real impact

  9. If your Canadian maybe you should have pride for your country. And charas hit deserved something, a somebody should get just as much as a nobody. You can’t be above the rules because you have a big name in the game, even if you not good at the sport just big

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