That’s right, Tim Thomas unofficially had more hits in Game 3 than Tomas Kaberle. If Thomas registers a powerplay point tonight Kaberle will immediately be banned from the NHL.

No revenge required

It’s sad that this question even needs to be asked, but Claude Julien was indeed asked whether or not his team would seek any kind of retribution for the hit in Game 3 that knocked Nathan Horton out of the playoffs. Common sense should dictate that Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final isn’t exactly a time when revenge should be a priority.

Julien agrees.

“It’s certainly not about looking for revenge. Justice has been served. No other reason to look for more. If we really want to make Nathan happy, we know what we have to do. That’s win a Stanley Cup.”

Finally, a Ballard sighting

The Canucks invested a chunk of money in Keith Ballard last June, taking on his five-year contract worth $4.2 million annually. He hasn’t been able to live up to the expectations of that lofty contract, and he’s been a regular subject of scorn amongst the Canucks fanbase. Although he missed 17 games due to injury, Ballard still scored only seven points throughout the regular season, by far the lowest total of his career.

But that won’t matter if Vancouver wins the cup, and with Dan Hamhuis still injured and Aaron Rome suspended, Ballard will likely draw into the lineup tonight. Kevin Bieksa, his likely defensive partner, called Ballard one of the best shot blockers in the league.

Here’s a video of a drunk Bruins fan yelling on the subway

(via Barstool Sports Boston)

It’s not safe to wear your Canucks jersey outside in Boston anymore

Actually, it probably wasn’t safe to begin with. After Canucks fans faced verbal and nearly physical abuse during Game 3, Global TV reporter Steve Darling relayed an unconfirmed report out of Boston stating that authorities are advising against wearing Canucks attire to TD Garden tonight. One fan told the tale of the beer shower he took Monday…

No one should be surprised by this. We expressed legitimate concern for the physical well-being of the Green Men prior to Monday’s game, and it’s still impressive that they left the Garden in one piece (they did, right?). It’s good to see that the fan in the video above was realistic about his little ordeal, and prior to the game he was well aware of the barley and hops he could end up wearing. And hey, it’s not all bad, because he got to sit with Kelly Hrudey!

But this leads us to an important question. What’s this girl supposed to do?