OMG! They’re just like us, well at least like us here at Houses of the Hockey. Life Sports ran a ‘story’ on Alex Ovechkin and some friends enjoying some beer and (gasp!) a Hookah at a Russian restaurant by the name of “Column”. According a rough translation, “they ordered two dozen large glasses of beer, fried steaks, salads and a Hookah. Account has turned to 30 thousand rubles – Life Sports was told by waiters and VIP guests.”

Before anyone blows up at the idea of Alex Ovechkin taking a haul off of a water pipe, please know that Hookah is perfectly legal in most countries.

Nothing wrong here, just another slow news day in the world of hockey. Any wagers on what flavour of dried fruit The Great 8 was sparking up?

Stick tap Japers’ Rink

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  1. Good to see that Ovechkin is over his horrendous season so quickly. Leadership by example, Alex. While good players are playing for the Stanley Cup, you continue to prove yourself a disappointment.

  2. Great point, Jeremy. Anything Ovechkin does this summer besides sulk and train is Wrong. Only the players from one team each season have any business partying over the summer!

  3. good for him to chlack

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