There are a lot of Boston stereotypes bouncing around out there, and most of them involve some combination of Samuel Adams, fanatical Southie Irish pride, and a guy named Sully.

While those blanket labels can be debated, there’s one undeniable truth about the Boston faithful when it comes to any event that involves keeping score: they can be pretty damn crazy. Just ask ask those brave Canucks fans who faced Boston’s wrath after making the pilgrimage for games three and four of the Stanley Cup final.

Sure, there was certainly a line crossed by some of those filthy-mouthed Bruins backers, but in fairness, what did Canucks fans expect? To be welcomed and embraced with open arms during a display of love and good sportsmanship? As far as crazy fans go, Philadelphia not only leads the pack, but they’ve lapped the field several times, and then Boston and New York aren’t too far behind. Everyone else is in third.

When they’re not throwing beer and screaming profanities on the public transit system, Bruins fans have worn some interesting attire, held up some creative/poorly executed signs, and made some questionable team merchandise purchases.

A few weeks back Rick Moldovanyi investigated the costume phenomenon in Vancouver during these playoffs. What Boston lacks in costume design they make up for with insanity.

The many faces of Bruins fans during the 2011 playoffs

We found Don Cherry’s long lost son!

Don let’s his son go out in public once a year, and just prays that he doesn’t tarnish the family name, or at least not as much as he does every Saturday night for 10 minutes. Better luck next year.

Nothing covers up baldness like the B

Keith Hernandez is pissed.

A pleasant ice cream sundae always extenuates the brutality of the bear

While sweating profusely due to the fake dead bear he’s wearing on his back and the vintage Bauer lid, this man in the late stages of inebriation was in desperate need of hydration. His buddies tossed him a bowl of ice cream, and that was sufficient.

Hey, give me back my pajamas!

You know what, don’t worry about it. I have another pair.

Tampa Bay has a lack of testicular fortitude

We applaud the attempt at creativity by this gaggle of Bruins fans during the Eastern Conference Final, but it lacks execution. We just need to see more color, more life, and most importantly, more graphic images.

Also, a true Bostonian wouldn’t touch Coors Light if it was dripping into his IV on his deathbed.

Simple, yet effective

The two ladies above had good intentions, but their idea died because of its simplicity. Here, simplicity is poetic.

There’s a parenting problem in Montreal

This kid was actually left in Boston. He’s now being raised by a pack of wild bears.

The worst merchandise purchase of the playoffs

Friend #1: Hey man, I really feel like I should spend money to show my Bruins pride. Blowing this week’s paycheck on these seats just isn’t enough.

Friend #2: Well, I saw a Daniel Paille flag at the team store. Sure, he only played in 43 games this year, and he’s scored just 16 goals over the last two seasons. But he’s a fan favourite because of generic titles like “gritty” and “sandpaper” that we throw at him, so you’ll fit right in and be like everyone else.

Friend #1: Sold!!!