Sports fans are supposed to be crazy. It’s kind of in the name, with “fan” an abbreviation of “fanatic”. Merriam-Webster defines a fanatic as someone who is “marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion.”

When a championship is just two games away, overly exuberant behaviour is not only expected from any self-respecting fan, it’s a requirement. That’s why we’ve seen so much inventive rink attire and signage from Bruins fans, a demonstration of controlled insanity that we showcased in a gallery earlier today.

But what happens when that control is lost, and a fan is truly spiralling into the grips of Stanley Cup mental drunkenness? The tattoo of a Tyler Seguin signature happens, of course.

The victim of this crippling delusion is the 15-year-old girl pictured above. Her name is Sarah Hrubo, and she’s from Haverhill, Massachusetts.

In case you couldn’t tell, she kind of thinks the Bruins are a big deal. Her inventory of Bruins merchandise and collectibles features a Terry O’Reilly autographed stick and puck, a signed Nathan Horton poster, and a bedroom that’s black-and-gold from the comforter, to everyone’s favourite night time accessory, her Snuggie. She also makes her family sit in the exact same spot in their living room during each Bruins game.

This is all outlandish, but reasonably normal by fan standards. Hrubo certainly isn’t the first fan to wear little else other than team colours and maintain some ridiculous superstition. She may be the first to make her mother save deli tags if they happen to be the number of a Bruins player, but hey, you can’t win them all.

However, she’s clearly flirting with the line separating normal and psychologist appointment. And here’s when she lowers her head, closes her eyes, and sprints past that line at full speed. (via

Last week the Bruins held a send-off celebration before they headed to Vancouver. Sarah was pressed up against a barrier as the Bruins walked by.

“Tyler Seguin walked up to me and I asked him to sign my left arm with a permanent marker,” she said. “I think he thought it was kind of creepy as other people were getting autographs on paper signs they were handing out.”

Since last week she’s been protecting her arm.

“When I take a shower I wrap it in plastic wrap, and when I go to bed I wrap it in an ace bandage so it doesn’t rub off onto my sheets,” she said. “I’d like to keep it until I’m old enough to get a tattoo of it.”

Seguin has been impressive during his brief appearances in these playoffs. He has tremendous offensive skill and upside, and there’s little doubt that once he receives more ice time and solidifies his role in the lineup, he’ll be a star in the near future.

But what if he does flop? Seguin is just 19 years old, and he’s just finishing a rookie season in which he scored 11 goals and 22 points. What if he never develops into the top line centre the Bruins envision, and he’s just another average 20-to-25 goal scorer?

That’s when poor Sarah will look at her arm 10 years from now and become filled with sorrow and regret if she follows through with this. Somewhere out there a man in his early 40′s has some Alexandre Daigle ink, so she won’t be alone in having to explain those random squiggly lines are on her arm.

Hat tip to Justin Aucoin from Days Of Y’Orr.