The Sedins have really let themselves go. Look, we’re all for equal rights, and we have no problem with women playing NHL hockey. But leave the pink sticks at home.

And we have a Chris Tanev sighting

Keith Ballard’s poor positioning and giveaways in Game 4 will likely earn him a seat in the press box tonight, and we’ll see Chris Tanev for the first time in the Stanley Cup Final. The rookie defenceman will be playing in just his third playoff game.

Sorry  Shawn Thornton, you can’t be part of Red Sox Nation

It seems that in some crazy scheme to make money, the NHL wants its players to wear only league merchandise during interviews.

Shawn Thornton learned this the hard way when he wore a Red Sox cap earlier this week during one of Boston’s media availability sessions. Puck Daddy dialed up the NHL’s offices to get the reasoning behind asking Thornton to remove his lid:

From John Dellapina, senior director of media relations:

“As per our marketing guys: We’d prefer that our players wear only NHL and licensed merchandise at our events. The revenue from sale of both is split between the clubs and players.”

Perception and reality

Stephen Harris of the Boston Herald tells us how some assumptions made about the Canucks prior to this series have turned into an entirely different and successful reality for Boston. This has in part led to Mike Milbury calling the Sedins “Thelma and Louise.”

Meanwhile, Vancouver wonders what the Sedins have to do to earn respect

The stereotype of the flopping European will never die (thanks Don Cherry!). But let’s just say for a moment that the Sedins are indeed chronic floppers. So what? The entire league has been flopping throughout the playoffs, with heads instinctively snapping back in a direction contrary to the physics of the blow a player is trying to sell. Both Daniel and Henrik are in the top 10 in playoff scoring, and they were in the top five during the regular season.

Now that I’ve finished that mini-rant, I’ll hand the baton off to Tony Gallagher of the Vancouver Province.