The Dump and Chase – 06/10/2011

Andrew Ladd hits Winnipeg

Atlanta Thrashers Winnipeg Undistinguished’s captain Andrew Ladd descended upon the Manitoba capital to meet the media and look around the city. Ladd will be a restricted free agent on July 1, but securing him to a new deal is top priority for the unnamed hockey team. Ladd spoke with the press and intimated that he’d like to reprise his role as captain of the franchise, but testing the waters of free agency has crossed his mind.


“It’s something you think about,” he said of the possibility of testing free agency. “But I’ve been kind of knocked around. This will be my fourth spot — three teams, but fourth spot — in six, seven years. So it’d be nice to be in the same place for a while and be able to lock up at the end of the summer and know you’re coming back to the same place.”

“It’s something [visit Winnipeg] I wanted to do. We were kind of in limbo, and this hopefully gets the ball rolling. Maybe I can provide some info for a lot of the guys that are unsure about what’s going on here and what it’s like — especially how you’re treated with ownership goes a long way.”

“The group of guys is still the same, and I really enjoyed playing with them last year and I want to continue to be a leader with this group.”

Them’s some encouraging words for True North Sports and Entertainment and the people of Winnipeg. We’re not too sure about what Ladd’s got going on with his salad, though. Ladd would not look out of place in the next installment of Busty Lifeguards with his ‘wet look’.

Must read: On Horton, Pacioretty and playing politics with brain injuries

Fantastic stuff here from Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy:

The rhetorical distance between “OK” and “severe concussion” is about as far as the distance between Boston and Vancouver. For example: Had the Bruins released that Horton was “OK” hours before Rome’s hearing with the NHL, would he still have received a four-game suspension? Because his “severe concussion” was a primary factor in NHL VP Mike Murphy’s(notes) ruling.

It would be inconceivably cynical to suggest that the Boston Bruins released this information to influence that suspension, and that Horton’s appearance at Game 4 was some sort of bellwether about the severity of his brain injury.

It would be … had the Boston Bruins not made that suggestion already this season about the Montreal Canadiens. Paging Dr. Recchi …

An alternative to power play percentages

An interesting look at ‘power play +/-’ from Pension Plan Puppets here provides a way too quantify the success/struggles of special teams while painting a bigger picture.

Jeff Carter trade rumour du jour

Aaron Portzline of The Columbus Dispatch has heard rumblings of a trade that would see the Blue Jackets acquire Jeff Carter from the Philadelphia Flyers:

Multiple NHL sources have told The Dispatch that the Blue Jackets and Philadelphia Flyers have discussed a trade that would send Flyers center Jeff Carter, an All-Star in 2009, to Columbus for a top-six forward and the No. 8 overall pick in this year’s draft. That top-six forward, presumably, is 21-year-old Blue Jackets winger Jake Voracek, a restricted free agent.

This truly is the busiest time of year for our friend ‘multiple sources’.

Hulsizer to float new proposal for Coyotes/Glendale? says that Matthew Hulsizer may have a new proposal to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes that would provide a new set of financing options for the city of Glendale.

QMJHL scout on Sean Couturier

The Copper & Blue speak with a QMJHL scout about potential top five pick Sean Couturier:

“Some guys look at [Couturier] and see [Vinny] Prospal, a guy who is very good when he’s good but not great and won’t ever be a franchise guy. [Couturier] is never going to pile up points like [Joe] Thornton, but he is a complete player, [unintelligible]*, an all-around player, a goal-scorer. I liken him to [Jonathan] Toews if you correct his footwork, [Mikko] Koivu if he struggles to score. He’s a complete player. If he struggles to score and [with] his skating, the downside is that he will be more like Prospal and rely on good players around him.”

OttawaGh0st’s Sidney Crosby Tim Horton’s commercial parody

A nice return to form here from our favourite YouTube parody artist: