Via official press release:

Vancouver, B.C. – President and General Manager Mike Gillis announced today that forward Mason Raymond sustained a vertebrae compression fracture. He is expected to be out of the lineup for 3-4 months.

Raymond will be available to the media at a later date.

Here’s video of the hit from Boychuk that Raymond was injured on:

This is truly a bizarre occurrence, not necessarily dirty on the part of Boychuk, although it was somewhat reckless. Canucks fans will no doubt be upset with the NHL’s ruling that Boychuk will not face any further discipline. Much like Aaron Rome’s late hit went horribly awry for Nathan Horton, Boychuk riding Raymond into the boards led to a much greater impact than one would have expected on such a play.

We’ll follow up on this development throughout the day…

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  1. NO way somewhat reckless look at the replay I am not a fan of either team but Boychuk hit definitely has to have a police investigation Boychuk meant to do it no matter what the out come was going to be you do not take advantage of a player who was avoiding you and pushed him all the way to the boards in the position that he was in being off balance this is the way i see it look Mason head is almost touching the ice way before he hit the boards now Boychuk look like a head lock and the way he hit the boards backwards and not to let up is
    and to add more pressure on him when he was down Mr. Boychuk you meant it big time .

  2. A police investigation, really? Are you retarded or are you eating the little white mints in the bathroon urinals? Get a life.

  3. Hopefully he has a full recovery and gets to play again next season as the reignibg CHAMPS that would be enough payback on the hit.

  4. There should have been a suspensiopn. How can you say it was similar to Rome when Rome got a 4 game SCF suspension, and Boychuk gets nothing. Either it is similar and he deserves a suspension, or it is not and he gets away with it. IT DEFINATELY deserved a suspension, as was previously said he rode hime alway into the boards and never let.

  5. No suspension? Shocker. Garry Bettman is sitting back smiling

  6. game 6 had the worst reffing ever every little thing canucks do they got called for stupid reasons. and boychuk should have got suspended because hes out for 3-4 months come on wheres the dicipline?no respect

  7. Interesting how on the NHL site they say he”fell into the boards backwards”. Really? And Boychuk was just standing there? Because I don’t know too many people who fall backwards into the boards and accidentally get a multiple compressed vertebral fracture. It takes a tremendous amount of force to achieve this; that force was applied, by Boychuk, longer after the play than the hit Rome put on Horton.

    Boychuk traps Mason’s head between his legs. He has his stick between Masons. There is no way Mason can avoid the collision, and every way that Boychuk can. If you are a Boston fan with a shred of integrity, and you believe Rome should have let up on Horton, you have to believe that Boychuck should have turned away from this hit as well.

    Instead he finished his check. As did Rome.

    So the should be suspended. As was Rome.

  8. Boychuk had Raymond inan extremely vunerable position and he followed through on the check. How many times have we heard that players have to responsible for each other?? If Canucks trainer had Raymond wheeled off on a stretcher like Horton you know damn well that the NHL would have suspended Boychuk. Sheer hyprocrisy…

  9. Huge game 7 coming up Wednesday night. It’ll come down to Thomas vs. Luongo… My money is on Thomas, baby! The BC Riot Police will have a full compliment of officers out for the impending riots that will ensue once the Stanley Cup Champion BRUINS emerge victorious. Citizens, remain in your homes!

  10. The view from the top in the replay does indeed show Boychuk “unload” on Raymond as they reached the boards, driving his head and neck like a pile driver. It is obvious that he had more than 8/10 of a second where the puck was gone too. What a scum ball. He should be charged for that “hockey play”.

  11. I do agree with the “reckless” part, but he was finishing a legit check, unlike Rome who hit Horton after the approtiate time. While we all wish Raymond a speedy recovory, do you think (mostly people who say this should be huge suspension) Raymond would want all this complaining? No he would want you to focus your energy for cheering the Canucks on to win the Cup on home ice.

    Complaing is for people who have nothing better to do.

  12. The Raymond incident was a freak accident nothing more ! But if you want to talk suspension let’s look at Edlers cowardly ,intent to injure hit on the icing play ! There is no defending that hit ,dirtiest hit of the series so far ! So really the Canucks havnt learned anything but yet are crying a river of tears over a incident that looked harmless but had unfortunate result.Rome got what he deserved

  13. well you seem to know white mints pretty good friend the difference you brobably never laced a pair of skates in your life that is the difference between you and me I know what i am talking about.

  14. That overhead view showed boychuk had more then enough time to let up, dirty in the fa t that he had Raymond bent damn near in half and did not let up. Boston fans grow some balls and stop whining about shit then turning the other way when your player does the same thing

  15. Come on spencer ! The injury was a complete fluke ,interference yes but that whole play was in slow motion which makes letting up seem futile.From where I stand ,the crying seems to be going west to east

  16. Brutal refs all series, not even interference on Boychuk? Really? Henrik gets called for diving when Chara gives him 3 shots in the head with no puck in sight? A little to obvious that the NHL wants a Bruins win. Boychuk should have got 3-4 games ( carried over to next year) Where’s Colin Campbell when you need him? Oh ya, cheering for the Bruins too. But if sloppy seconds is worth 6 games, Breakin a guy’s back should get something!! Wake up NHL!!

  17. Chara, an interference play that leads to severe injury. Bruin players accuse Montreal player of exagerating his concussion and broken jaw. NHL says no suspension.
    Rome, interference play leads to a severe injury. NHL says clean hit if not late but 4 games.
    Boychuk, interference play that leads to severe injury. NHL says no suspension.

    You can’t have it both ways. Enough said.

  18. the nhl a joke when it comes to suspension. and the league wonders why players hate the refs. do your job and stop favortie teams like boston.

  19. NHL is not consistent with suspensions Boychuk should be out and so should Elder. You want players to think before they drill someone? Lets try this’ If you injure someone intentional or not you are out as long as the guy you injured is out lets put the responsiblity back on to the players.


  21. I know Boychuck from way back. He has always been known as a dirty player, every team he’s played for since he was a kid. Believe me, he intended to do just what he did. He is good enough that he knows how to make it look like “But I couldn’t HEEEEELLLP it.” That’s who he was, and I don’t believe he’s changed from watching this. The refs need to stop thinking that they can read people’s minds and just call a penalty when it needs to be called according to the rules of the game. Intent to injure, and/or whether someone is injured, has NO PART in whether a hit is illegal or not. Rules are rules.

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