Wooo hoooo wooo the Bruins are Canada’s team? Go Bruins go?

Say it ain’t so, Force and Sully!

Some Interweb rumblings indicate that Vancouver’s infamous spandex-wearing superheroes will retire if the Canucks win tonight.

They’ve now made Fonzie’s Shark jump look like a wimpy puddle leap, so GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!!

Vigneault gives up on guarding lineup, confirms Tambellini is in

Usually one to protect his lineup like a high school girl guarding her cell phone, Canucks head coach Alain Vigneault let us in on the least surprising secret of the Stanley Cup Final earlier today. He announced that Jeff Tambellini will indeed draw into the lineup and replaced the injured Mason Raymond.

This may not exactly be the ideal time for Tambellini to be playing in just his sixth playoff game this spring, but the proverbial season-long fight against injuries has put the Canucks in this position. He’ll likely start on the second line with Ryan Kesler and Chris Higgins, but could later drop down to the third line.

Please take time to enjoy a moment of pure Bulis

It’s a stressful time in Vancouver with this whole Game 7 business a few hours away. Throw in some other depressing news in local headlines, and we’re pretty sure Armageddon is upon us. So before the world ends, now is the time to take a deep breath, sip some warm coco, and contemplate the larger questions in life from today’s Moment of Pure Bulis.

Vancouver police will be “part of the crowd”

Anticipating a gathering of close to 100,000 people on the city’s streets, Vancouver police don’t expect a repeat of the rioting that followed the Canucks’ 1994 Stanley Cup Final loss to New York. Police say that since the excitement of the Olympics last year the party atmosphere in the city has changed drastically, but they’ll still be meeting and greeting the crowd to maintain order.

A similar scene with similar precautions will be taking place in Boston. Beantown has seen its share of professional sports championships over the last decade. That’s unfortunately given local authorities plenty of experience in dealing with morons who decide to celebrate a sports fan’s greatest moment by throwing a table through the window of a locally owned establishment.

Breaking news: Vancouver is out of booze

Just as they did on Monday, liquor stores around Vancouver called it a day early to cut off at least one access to alcohol long before game time.

Predictably, the line to purchase a bubbly beverage was rather lenghty by mid-afternoon.

(via Seattle Times reporter Danny O’Neil)

It really sucks to be this guy

It’s quite clear that if you’re attending the game tonight, you have far too much disposable income. Tickets in the far reaches of the upper bowl at Rogers Arena are still available on Stubhub if you have nearly $2,000 lying around.

Die-hard Canucks fans are desperate to be in a seat tonight, and any seat will do. But as one man unfortunately found out the hard way, money can make people a little crazy, and the ability to make online plans to exchange thousands of dollars only accelerates that process.

Hockey is still more important than politics

Those who consider making hoser jokes a hobby were given easy fodder in April when the French language election debate was rescheduled because of Game 1 in the Habs/Bruins series. Prior to Game 6 Monday night the District of Hope in B.C. moved their bi-weekly council meeting back by 24 hours, ensuring once again that hockey trumps pressing matters in municipal politics.