The Dump and Chase – 06/15/2011

Gillis talks Boychuk hit, severity of Raymond’s injury

Vancouver Canucks general manager Mike Gillis was careful in addressing the media on Tuesday, but he was critical of Johnny Boychuk for his hit on Mason Raymond. Via CBCSports:

“I’m not in charge of supplementary discipline, so I’m not the right person to ask about that,” Gillis said. “I think when you see the severity of that injury, the way our doctors described it to me, very, very dangerous. I’m always disappointed when you see any player get injured.

“I was asking [assistant GM] Lawrence [Gilman] when the last time we saw a broken back occur in the NHL. I can’t recall it other than an incident here a number of years ago [the infamous Moore-Bertuzzi incident]. It wasn’t a chipped vertebrae or cracked vertebrae. It’s broken through the belly of his vertebrae, so it’s a very serious injury. You never want to see any player on any team have an injury like that.”

“All I can tell you is my observations of the hit,” Gillis said. “I didn’t see the puck around him. I thought the Boston player used a can opener and drove him into the boards with enough force to break his back. That’s what I saw.”

The many axes of Cory Schneider

Pass it to Bulis has some fun with an image of Cory Schneider (or the goaltender formerly known as Cory Schneider) from Game 6, seriously… just go there.

Talking coaching choices

Greg Wyshynski breaks down the pros and cons of the coaching choices in Ottawa, Dallas, and Minnesota, although nothing’s been finalized yet with Craig MacTavish and the Wild.

Paul MacLean and Larry Hopkins, forever linked through error

Hats off to Ken K. for noticing this in the comments section yesterday, but the image atop our Paul MacLean story from yesterday is actually a photo of Larry Hopkins. Getty Images returned said photo on a search for Paul MacLean which, as we’ve documented here before, isn’t the first time that the two former Winnipeg Jets have been mixed up. And yes, linking to one’s self in a link dump is as self-aggrandizing as it gets in blogdom.

Those poor infants

Newborns at Melrose-Wakefield hospital are all Bruins fans and it’s sooo adorable.

Leave Luongo alone

Nice spoof…