Images of the Vancouver cleanup

As the city of Vancouver dusts itself off following the second round of idiots gone wild–17 years after local authorities failed to learn lessons from the first round–it’s been encouraging to see epically unintelligent vandals like Brock Anton getting the public ridicule they deserve. It’s also encouraging to hear the Vancouver police having to produce tough answers to tough questions, and seeing the hunt for justice continue through social media outlets, as difficult as that hunt may be from a legal standpoint.

But as both the police and the public pursue the senseless rioters, and as businesses replace their broken windows and put a dollar value on the damages, the pictures below are the most encouraging.

We could have posted more images and video of last night’s riot today, images that have made at least five laps around the Interwebs by now. A still unnamed couple lit their own fire amidst the burning car flames, and numerous items were used to either burn, break, or destroy public property.

At some point though, we’d just be glorifying stupidity that’s already been glorified enough. We’d much rather highlight something else, like the citizens who are cleaning up the city today and writing heart-felt messages on the plywood where windows used to be.

Here are a few pictures taken at the Hudson Bay store that was looted following the Canucks’ 4-0 loss to Boston.

Public apologies were scribbled throughout, with this one perhaps most effectively summing up the mood of the city.

As difficult as the destruction was to witness, the community effort that followed raised spirits.

Lastly, the youth of tomorrow scrubbed away the hooliganism of today.

All pictures via Crowd Reel.