Remember when we all assumed Vancouver had learned from its rioting 17 years ago? And we thought that win or lose, 2011 would be different, and that this time the city would show some class? We don’t either. While we realize that the images we’re seeing during the post-game riot in the city’s downtown core are likely a product of a small but vocal minority, that’s no justification for another embarrassing reaction to another crushing Stanley Cup Final loss.

We had faith in you, Vancouver. Now it’s pretty comical that a fanbase filled with complaints about their treatment in Boston has sunk even lower with public vandalism and general buffonery in their own city.

History will indeed be made in Vancouver, and we’ve got you covered with the gratuitous footage of muttonheaded dolts behaving badly on the streets.

This poor guy looks like he’s just trying to get away from danger, but he gets it worse than anyone:

Even more idiocy here as some dimwit attempts to climb atop a burning car, and falls into it. Good luck in life, bud:

CTVNews B.C. has been running a live stream from the centre of the carnage, the Vancouver Province is hosting a live blog that aggregates tweets from the scene and commentary, too.

Riot rock