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  1. Canada did not lose a hockey game,Vancouver did.

  2. It’s not that difficult to make straight lines in Paint…

  3. And as I’ve said elsewhere on this blog, that kind of thing is nonsense. It’s a narrow viewpoint focusing on the past 6 months, ignoring the past 100 years. Sports riots happen EVERYWHERE, and all the time. For some reason, the Canadian media is just ignoring everyone else and focusing its criticism on Vancouver. I suspect this has to do with the Toronto bias; Toronto would riot too if they made it to the cup finals for the first time in almost 45 years, but at this point they have nothing worth rioting over.

    How about pointing out the fact that nobody died in Vancouver’s riots, whereas Boston has had 3 fans die in their riots (Patriots win in 04, Red Sox AL pennant in 04, and Celtics triumph in 08).

    At least the US media knows that Vancouver is far from alone:

  4. @ Kevin Smith

    You’re right, sports-related riots are unfortunately becoming commonplace after championships. But if that’s your way of defending the despicable acts we saw Wednesday night, it’s pretty weak. No riot is acceptable, no matter what the severity.

    Just because riots happen all the time doesn’t mean they have to or should continue. What was especially discouraging about Vancouver is that we were convinced it would be different this time, and in the end we all looked like fools.

  5. It’s not a question of whether it is acceptable, and the problem isn’t that people are criticising the rioters. The problem is they seem to be suggesting Vancouver is somehow unique in this respect. For example,

    Sure, rioting is stupid. I can easily say I’d never do it. On the other hand, it helps that I don’t drink alcohol, and therefore wouldn’t be in the mental state to riot. But if you want to criticise Vancouver, criticise Canada’s culture of alcoholism. That has more to do with the riot than the hockey game did.

  6. @Kevin Smith

    So you’re saying everyone that was rioting was drunk? Or only drunk people riot? I just want to make sure I’m reading this correctly.

  7. vancouvers fans are losers just like there team the canucks. they do not deserve an nhl team and from this point on i am boycaughting anything that has to do with the canucks from watching them play to riping up there hockey cards to refuseing to talk about the canucks . the worst part is the canuck fans are not even emberessed there proud. congrats canucks …………

  8. Scott, I would say the majority of rioters were drunk. But I was not there, and certainly cannot say for sure. I can say that no matter how frustrated I’ve been with sports (and I am a passionate person who loves many sports) I’ve never wanted to smash a car or a store window while sober.

    I strongly believe the rioting would have been started by drunks, even if it was continued by both sober and drunk. Certainly mob mentality would play a part in the escalation.

    I mean, think of bar fights. They happen all the time, and usually for no real reason (perhaps somebody stumbled into somebody else). Now take a bar fight, which is probably at most 30 people, and pour it out onto the streets after a hockey game. So now you’ve got some 20,000 people (after a normal game – I did read there were 100k on the streets in Vancouver) ready to go off for no real reason. Is that because of hockey, or because of alcohol?

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