NHL 12 Cover Rumours & More

Because we’re all giant geeks who grasp desperately at any NHL 12 news we can get, it warmed our hearts to see EA talking about the NHL 12 cover on Facebook today. They posted their favorite (without a ‘u’) fan submitted covers online in advance of the cover announcement that will come at the NHL Awards on June 22nd.

Will Pavel Datsyuk, Jeff Skinner, James Reimer or P.K. Subban make the cover? We doubt it.

In fact, we’re pretty sure that the odds of James Reimer appearing on the actual cover are about ten million to one.

Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews appeared on the cover of NHL 11. He was the second Blackhawk in a row to appear on the cover, as Patrick Kane was the NHL 10 cover athlete.

Will the Blackhawks trend continue? That’s doubtful. It’s also doubtful that anyone from the 2011 Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins will appear on the cover. Outside of Toews last year, EA hasn’t really had the most recent Cup winners on the box of their latest game and there aren’t really any huge names on the Bruins that could appear. We wouldn’t mind seeing this picture on the cover though.

That’s absolutely terrifying.

One of the biggest differences in NHL 12 is the addition of the Winter Classic. Could a member of the Capitals or the Penguins be on the cover in full Winter Classic garb? Alex Ovechkin was on the cover of the rival NHL 2K10 a few years ago and he was on NHL 07 as well, so that might exclude him.

Of course, the cover contest isn’t all we’ve heard from EA recently. Electronic Arts is also pushing their improved “Full Contact Physics Engine” online.

They released a YouTube video of the engine last week:

Sadly, that clip doesn’t give us any indication as to what happens when someone repeatedly punches Daniel Sedin in the face. If it’s true to real life, the answer is nothing.

As we mentioned before, 2K Sports will not be making an NHL game this year, so NHL 12 will be the only game in town. There will be several added features in EA’s game this year, including broken glass, helmets flying off, goaltender contact and – yes – goalie fights.

We have no idea how Marc-Andre Fleury suddenly appeared in front of Semyon Varlamov in that clip, but that doesn’t matter. We have a feeling that this will be the only time we’ll see those two particular goaltenders scrap.

Also, EA has stated that they will include the unnamed Winnipeg hockey team in the game as soon as “have confirmation on the team’s new name and jerseys.” We’re guessing that means sometime mid-2013.