Our Favourite NHL Awards Moments

The NHL Awards are the perfect place to see awful jokes and NHL players delivering boring, awkward speeches. However, once in a while something interesting or fun happens at the NHL Awards. Since the NHL Awards Show takes place tonight, we figured this was a good chance to look back at some of our favourite moments.

Tim Thomas Wins The Vezina

Here’s one guy that really cared about the award. Usually players give generic, lifeless acceptance speeches. Not Tim Thomas. This emotional speech really meant something.

Ryan Getzlaf vs. Bobby Ryan

Yes, the NHL was funny. They allowed their players to show some personality. It actually happened.

Gordie Howe Wins The First Ever NHL Lifetime Achievement Award

Handing out an award to some of the all-time greats was an excellent idea. Gordie Howe was a great first recipient.

Mario Lemieux wins the Masterton Trophy

Seeing the Masterton presented is almost always special. In most cases the player accepting it has been through a lot of personal hardship and come back to play the game. When Mario Lemieux won the Masterton in 1993, it was a way to recognize one of the most impressive performances in recent NHL history. Despite having been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma that season, Lemieux missed only 24 games. He scored 160 points that year, winning the Art Ross Trophy.