The Dump and Chase – 06/22/2011

Habs, Markov reportedly close on new two-year deal

Tony Marinaro of the Team 990 first reported that the Montreal Canadiens were on the brink of re-signing Andrei Markov, although the defenseman’s agent Don Meehan denied that the two sides were close to getting a deal done. According to the Montreal Gazette, Meehan believes a deal could get done as early as next week.

Markov has played just 52 games over the last two seasons on account of various knee and ankle injuries. The new deal is reportedly worth $11.5 million.

Bettman not concerned with Devils’ ownership situation

The commish has little concern with the New Jersey Devils ongoing ownership developments, via Fire & Ice:

Although Brick City LLC – headed by Mike Gilfillan and Ray Chambers – is looking to sell its 47 percent share, Bettman said that the potential sale is not impacting team business and he expects it to be resolved without need for him to be involved, “to the best of my knowledge in my constant communications with everybody.”

If this franchise ends up returning to its Kansas City roots…

Dean Lombardi on Dustin Penner

Via L.A. Kings Insider:

“… in what we’ve seen so far this summer — and I haven’t had him his whole career — but it’s very clear that this is the most committed he’s been in his career. So I give him credit for that. But that said, I would still… Even if we had a crystal ball, and we knew that was going to happen. If you said, `Dean, I guarantee this is going to happen,’ I would still be looking to add to facets of our offense. Now, we certainly anticipate — if he continues the way he’s been going — that he is going to improve and contribute more like he’s capable. We want to solidify our playoff and move to contender status. There’s a difference. I would like to see both things happen. If we can add the right player, and Dustin Penner performs up to his abilities, I think it’s safe to say we would improve to contender status.”

Well that’s an improvement on the beer league softball take Lombardi floated last month.

NHL Awards drinking game

If you’re looking to have a little fun with the NHL Awards, may we suggest partaking in Dirty Dangle’s drinking game. A quick skim over the rules of this one and it looks like no one should have any problem getting Khabibulin level wasted. Tonight’s the night.

Kimmo Timonen and Bon Jovi, together at last

Seriously, these two hooked up after the latter’s show in Helsinki, Finland last Friday. We’re hoping Timonen tells Chris Pronger all about how Bon Jovi strained his MCL mid-show, but found the strength to finish the show regardless.

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