If you happened to catch the NHL Awards from Las Vegas on Wednesday night then you’re probably aware that Steven Stamkos was named the cover boy for EA Sports’ NHL 12, currently scheduled for a September release. Stamkos follows back-to-back cover appearances by Chicago Blackhawks (Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews).

In the event that you tuned out of the awards show upon hearing Jay Mohr pronounce Yzerman as ‘Why-zerman’, or in between embarrassingly awful musical performances – here’s a first look at EA’s new cover athlete in virtual action:

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  1. Haha, you guys are a joke! Delete my comment and fix your spelling error. Have fun playing second fiddle to the big boys in sports journalism.

  2. [...] be linked to by a bigger blog, which is pretty fun.It’s unlikely that hockey blogging will lead to having your face on the cover of a video game, but most of us here really like playing Xbox and we’d be glad to join an EASHL team with [...]

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