Image from the Nashville Predators Website.

We love discussing (and often attacking) NHL jerseys and logo designs. We’re hockey style geeks like that. So the fact that many teams are changing their looks this summer really excites us.

The Nashville Predators new logo was released yesterday and they should be debuting new jerseys soon to go with it. As we saw during the playoffs, the Preds are pushing yellow now. Someone in Nashville really likes mustard.

The new logo is an improvement over the older one. It’s much simpler and less confusing. We’re looking forward to seeing the jersey design.

But the Predators aren’t the only team that will look different next season.

We’ve already seen the new Tampa Bay Lightning jerseys and talked about some of the other changes that should hit the ice next year.

Of course, the Winnipeg Not-The-Thrashers-But-Not-Named-Anything-Else-Yet will have a new look. Even if they cave into public pressure and name the team the Jets, we expect to see a new jersey design. How else will they sell more merchandise? We’re pretty sure everyone in Winnipeg already owns a Winnipeg Jets jersey.

Red is thankfully returning to the Florida Panthers. Their new “We See Red” marketing campaign announcement suggests that a new jersey design is coming and that’s good news. The Panthers just look better in red. The team also notes that “Red represents passion, desire, commitment and aggressiveness and that’s exactly the type of team GM Dale Tallon is building here in South Florida” so they’ve got that going for them as well.

The Ottawa Senators teased a new jersey design as well, but that will be a third jersey and not a primary look. The Toronto Maple Leafs will have a new third jersey as well, but very little information has been leaked on that design.

With the draft coming up tomorrow, we wonder if we’ll be seeing any of these new designs unveiled in Minnesota. Last year we saw a couple of teams (like the Los Angeles Kings) show off a new jersey design on draft day.

Speaking of the Kings, they’ve decided to downgrade the black, silver and purple look to their third jersey. The team will wear their current thirds (the black, white and silver jerseys) at home next season and they’ll have a new white version of that jersey to wear on the road.

The retro yellow and purple look that made a return last season will disappear once again.

We’re still hoping that the Winnipeg team has an actual jersey for their draft picks tomorrow. The idea of someone who waited their whole life to be drafted standing there with a generic NHL jersey as the newest member of the Winnipeg Somethings just seems really sad to us. Unfortunately, while the team may have a name this weekend, it doesn’t look like they’ll have a jersey or a logo.

Thanks to Icethetics and Chris Creamer’s Sports Logos Page for keeping all of this confusing jersey and logo information straight. We got confused after “mustard yellow jerseys.”