Top pick Ryan Nugent-Hopkins was one of six Ryans drafted this weekend. This increased the draft odds of all players named Ryan currently in minor hockey by 0.06%.

The bizarre trades have simmered, mock drafts have been demolished, scouts have hit the links, and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins has his cake and eats it too.

That’s the aftermath of the 2011 NHL Entry Draft and all of its wackiness.

While the first surprise of the day was Ryan Strome — not Sean Couturier — going to the Isles, it certainly was not the last. It was a draft to remember for everyone involved, whether you were in Minnesota or watching from home (how could you forget the hours and hours the first-round dragged on for?).

With everything in place for the time being, there are many ways to break down the draft list. We’ve skimmed the fat and compiled a plateful of interesting findings.

Essential data
Rounds: 7
Players drafted per round: 30
Total players drafted: 210

The Big Four across the board
Players from Canada: 79 (1st–14, 2nd–10, 3rd–15, 4th–8, 5th–10, 6th–14, 7th–8)
Percentage: 37.6

Players from U.S.: 64 (1st–5, 2nd–9, 3rd–10, 4th–11, 5th–10, 6th–7, 7th–12)
Percentage: 30.5

Players from Sweden: 28 (1st–6, 2nd–5, 3rd–1, 4th–5, 5th–6, 6th–1, 7th–4)
Percentage: 13.3

Players from Russia: 8 (1st–1, 2nd–3, 3rd–0, 4th–1, 5th–2, 6th–0, 7th–1)
Percentage: 3.8

The Big Four in the first-round
Canada: 14 spread out from 1st to 28th
U.S.: 5 from 8th to 22nd
Sweden: 6 from 2nd to 30th
Russia: 1 (27th)

The Big Four in the top 10
Canada: 5 (1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th)
U.S.: 1 (8th)
Sweden: 4 (2nd, 4th, 6th, 10th)
Russia: 0

Do we need to re-think the Big Four?
Players from elsewhere: Finland (9), Czech Republic (7), Slovakia (4), Switzerland (2), Germany (2), Denmark (1), Norway (2), France (1), Ukraine (1), Lithuania (1)

Is North America the place to be?
CHL bred players: 101 (46 OHL, 33 WHL, 22 QMJHL)
NCAA/USHL/U.S. high school bred players: 53 (18 high schoolers)
Other leagues: BCHL (2), OJHL (2), AJHL (1), MJHL (1), CJHL (1), CHL (1)

More than expected
Goalies drafted: 19 (from Magnus Hellberg to Johan Mattsson)
Goalies drafted in the 6th round: 7 (from Jason Kasdorf to Lars Volden)

Will they build through the draft?
Team with most draft picks: Chicago Blackhawks (11)

Pumping out gems
Most players drafted from one team: 5 (Oshawa Generals and Saint John Sea Dogs)

Name your kid Ryan
Players drafted named Ryan: 6 (Nugent-Hopkins, Strome, Murphy, Sproul, Tesink, Dzingel)

You won’t forget them
Best names of the draft: Boone Jenner, Steven Fogarty, Josiah Didier, Kale Kessy, Michael Schumacher