Breaking: Jeff Carter's silence

It’s Jeff Carter day here at HOTH, and our second update features quotes from the previously mum forward. Carter on being traded, managing his emotions, and his future in Columbus via Aaron Portzline’s Twitter account:

“You feel anger and betrayal, and all the emotions that go with being traded. Sometimes it’s best to sit back and think about what you’re going to say rather than get right out there and say things you’ll regret. My decision not to talk had absolutely nothing to do with being traded to Columbus. I know it’s a team that has struggled in the past, but there’s a great future. I’m excited to be there, to be a part of it.”

Translation: ‘Moving from Philadelphia to Columbus kinda sucks, and I was going to say a bunch of things that would have hurt everybody involved so I kept quiet. We’re cool now.’

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  1. Translation: My pussy hurt for a little bit, but then people from Columbus came over and hugged it. I’m ok now.

  2. Translation: Fuck Paul Holmgren and… wait, how many years left on this contract? Daaammmnnnn……

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