You already know that Brad Richards is set to be the most sought after unrestricted free agent this summer. Well, it turns out that his two biggest suitors couldn’t wait another minute to plead their cases to Richards, hoping he’ll join their respective teams. Let’s just say Glen Sather prefers face-to-face communication and doesn’t mind leaning on the musical stylings of Jay-Z when it comes to pursuing Mr. Richards.

From the minds of the men who brought you the massive hits “Reimer” and “Waiver Wire” comes the next big thing in hip-hop inspired hockey music… “Ranger State of Mind”.

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  1. lol. brilliant as usual.
    and now that damned song is going to be rolling around in my head for a week.
    oh well, still better than ‘Reimer’.

  2. Even as a Rangers fan that supports the signing of Richards, this is absolutely awesome. It may even surpass the “Felt Like 93″ Habs parody, which I didn’t think was possible.

  3. This is pure awesome. That is all that has to be said.

  4. I’m also a Ranger fan who wouldn’t be against Richards coming here, and this is pure win!

  5. Another Rangers fans here. You guys really knocked it out of the park. Epic win!

  6. HAHAAH FANTASTIC! Veterans don’t even need a tryout, but you may get a buyout.

  7. hilarious, torts has magnificent pipes!

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