The Dump and Chase – 06/29/2011

Today is Jagr day

Penguins GM Ray Shero has confirmed that the club has offered 39-year old Jaromir Jagr a one-year contract. It is being reported that Jagr will inform the Penguins if he will be accepting the offer by Wednesday.

Shero on Jagr:

“We feel from the information we have and after seeing at world championships, that he’s a guy who might be able to help us this coming season. We feel he’s a guy who could help us this year, and retire as a Penguin.”

In the meantime, check out this nifty Jagr tribute courtesy of Hobo Joe. If I remember things correctly from my days of covering the Pittsburgh Pirates, Hobo Joe was the kid behind a set of Bucs’ batting stance reenactment videos. Jagr’s coming home, via ThePensBlog:

Avery calls on NHL to get behind marriage equality

One of the NHL’s biggest on-ice degenerates is actually one of its more progressive voices off the ice as Sean Avery wants the NHL to support marriage equality and other social issues. Via NY Post:

“I understand that the NHL represents 30 different owners who come from different backgrounds and hold different viewpoints, but I think it would be meaningful for Gary [commissioner Bettman] and the Board of Governors to open themselves up for conversation about this issue. It would be great for the NHL to take the lead among professional sports leagues in terms of social equality and justice and be out front and progressive regarding issues like this.”

“This is very, very special for a lot people across the U.S., in New York State and for a lot of my friends. What’s a more genuine issue than having the same rights as everyone else when it comes to marriage? You don’t have to be gay to know when something is fundamentally not right.”

Andrew Brunette cuts ties with Uptown Hockey

Piggybacking on the Avery story, Andrew Brunette of the Minnesota Wild reportedly fired his agent over the Avery/Uptown Hockey “debacle”.

On Bieksa’s “negligible hometown discount”

Pass it to Bulis’ Harrison Mooney on Kevin Bieksa re-upping with the Canucks:

Unrestricted free agency is the hockey equivalent of that classic cartoon trope where a sexy cartoon lady in a sparkly red dress with a slit sticks her leg out, and the horny cartoon man (usually a wolf in a zoot suit) goes nuts and hits himself on the head with a hammer and his eyes bug out. It doesn’t particularly matter if the cartoon lady is, to use a colloquialism, hot in the face (and the joke is usually that she isn’t). She has sexy legs and she’s there right now, so the guy falls over himself.

In other words, unrestricted free agency is where GMs, blinded by sudden availability, get stupid and sign players to contracts they can’t possibly live up to.

Nothing is reasonable on July 1. It’s just a bidding war. So if Bieksa’s 2010-11 worth, say, five million, you can bet someone will offer him six.

But, if money is less important than loyalty to a specific organization, he could take less, forgo the bidding war that’s gonna get him hecka paid, and stay with the organization at a more reasonable salary. It’s still gonna be fair, but it’s not gonna be as much as he could have made.

That’s a discount.

Cam Barker hits waivers, buyout next?

Minnesota could buy out Cam Barker‘s contract as early as this afternoon, according to Michael Russo.

Canes re-sign Joni Pitkanen

All these UFAs disappearing before testing the open market. Another one bites the dust as Joni Pitkanen has accepted a new three-year deal with the Carolina Hurricanes. Could have sworn he was headed for Detroit…

Ehrhoff and the Islanders

Greg Wyshynski wonders if the New York Islanders can lock up impending UFA Christian Ehrhoff, whose rights they acquired from Vancouver in exchange for a fourth round pick in next year’s draft:

It’s worth a shot for Islanders GM Garth Snow. If he signs with the Islanders, it’s like sending up a flare to the rest of the free-agent field, declaring that the top defenseman on the market was willing to commit to the Island … so why don’t you join him?

If he doesn’t … well, at least Snow can take a bathroom break during the fourth round next summer.