Obligatory Brad Richards update

No deal for Brad Richards yet, although no one should be surprised. The off-season’s most sought after big name player is nestled in a Mississauga office with his agent, listening to pitches from several teams. If you’ve had your eye on TSN today, you probably caught the great Gino Reda standing outside of said Mississauga office building (right next to an Irish pub). Representatives from a few Richards’ suitors could be seen exiting the building, sporting their poker faces.

The only news of any substance we’ve had on Richards is word from the New York Post’s Larry Brooks, who says the Rangers will have the opportunity to match any offer presented to Richards. Grain of salt.

James Mirtle of The Globe and Mail notes the teams interested in Richards as the Toronto Maple Leafs, Buffalo Sabres, Tampa Bay Lightning and Los Angeles Kings. Mirtle believes a deal could come as early as today, and could be heavily front-loaded:

The deal may not come down until late in the day, and it’ll be a big one. The early word is that it’ll be heavily front-loaded much like the contract Christian Ehrhoff signed with the Sabres and will likely be eight or more years.

The max salary for a single year is currently $12.86-million and the first two years of Richards’ deal should approach that number. Expect the cap hit to be south of $8-million, however, with a low salary towards the end of the contract when Richards will be pushing 40 years old.

That’s all we’ve got at this juncture. More on Richards as news is available.