Not content to stop with the worst deal of the day (so far) the Colorado Avalanche have decided to add Jean-Sebastien Giguere to their line-up. The goaltender signed a two-year deal with the Avs. It’s assumed that he will play second fiddle to Semyon Varlamov. It’s a smart deal in the sense that Giguere will provide a veteran presence for the team and a solid influence on Varlamov.

It’s puzzling in the sense that Tomas Vokoun still sits without a contract.

It’s not like the Avs don’t have the cap space to make it happen. Varlamov will cost the Avalanche $5.5 million over two years, in addition to the first- and second-round picks they sent to Washington for his rights. Giguere’s contract is worth $1.25 million a year. That means the Avalanche spent $4 on goaltending today without bringing Vokoun to the team.

It’s puzzling to say the least.

The Avalanche also signed Jan Hejda today, inking the defenseman to a four-year, $13 million deal. They also picked up Chuck Kobasew with a two-year, $2.5 million deal.

Things like “strengthening the defense,” “signing veteran goaltenders” and “trading early-round picks for players” are usually moves that are made by contenders in an effort to push themselves to the next level. The Avalanche are far from a strong contender. They could make the playoffs next year, but even that’s debatable.

Hejda is certainly a strong player and a good signing for the Avalanche, but for a team that has as much cap space as they do, we’re a bit surprised with their moves today. A goaltending tandem of Varlamov & Giguere doesn’t exactly strike fear around the league and the situation is even worse considering what the Avs gave up to sign Varlamov.

At least if Varly is injured, Giggy will be able to step in and hold the fort. From that perspective it’s a good deal, but if the team was going to spend money on goaltending, Vokoun would have been a much better choice. You have to wonder if the Avs gave Vokoun their best offer and he turned it down. If that’s the case, it would make sense why the team then went out and grabbed the next two goaltenders available. They lost Peter Budaj to the Canadiens and Brian Elliot to the Blues earlier today.

The Avalanche have certainly made some confusing moves in the last little while and it looks like the team believes it will be competitive now. They still have a lot of cap space and they’re certainly ready to make some changes on the team, so we wonder what they’ll do next.

Now that they appear to be out of the Vokoun sweepstakes, we also wonder where he’s going to end up.