Bob McKenzie tweeted this evening that Dany Heatley has been traded from the San Jose Sharks to Minnesota for Martin Havlat.

The former Senator had a mediocre tenure as a Shark, particularly last season where he slumped to just 26 goals and 64 points despite frequently playing with the likes of Patrick Marleau and Joe Thornton at even strength and on the power-play. Heatley’s decline was actually far more evident in his underlying stats, where he frequently placed well behind all of the other Sharks top-six forwards in terms of possession. I will have a more in-depth post on this topic in the near future, but for now it’s clear that Sharks general manager Doug Wilson has been actively shopping Heatley all summer.

Havlat also struggled with his new team when he left Chicago, managing just 54 points his first year in Minnesota. He climbed to 62 points last season while playing with much less impressive linemates than Heatley, and comes with a price tag that’s $2.5 million per year cheaper. The only real downside to Havlat versus Heatley is his fragility, although he’s missed only a combined 13 games over the last two seasons.

Even though Heatley’s name carries more weight in the minds of most fans, this trade is a clear win for Wilson. He saves significant cap space and rids himself of an onerous contract.

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  1. I know of one Minnesota player that is happy to rid the room of a “cancer”. Was surprised to learn he’s pretty happy with the deal… also says he”hopes Heatley isn’t a knob”. Lol.

    Personally, I love the deal for the Sharks. I think Marty Havlat is only a cancer when his team is losing. Hope he scores by the bushel with Thornton dishing.

  2. Ha ha ha ha… that’s just fucking awesome. Tell the Wild Dany ain’t no knob, he’s an ALL STAR baby.

  3. Does his Lake come with him?

  4. “Does his Lake come with him?”

    Isn’t that Towes? :)

    Anyway, what makes me curious is that he had ten teams he’d rather not play above the Wild. Aside from the obvious “Ottawa, Edmonton, and now Winnipeg”

  5. @RossCreekNation, sounds like BS to me, Havlat’s always been quite respected by his teammates and coaching staff. If you think Minnesota’s getting someone of better character in this deal, I have some real estate in the Meadowlands to sell you.

  6. @stealthwisae

    Where did I say that I think Minny’s getting someone of better character? WHERE?

    I didn’t! I said a Wild player is “really happy Havlat is out” b/c he’s a “cancer” and that he “hopes Heatley isn’t a knob”.


  7. And a guess at Heatley’s 10 team list:

    All 7 Canadian teams, Phoenix, NYI… FLA/C-bus.

  8. At least Havlat’s never killed a Menonite.

  9. [...] for Richards and make the Kings a formidable team in the West.Dany Heatley and Martin Havlat were traded for one another at the beginning of this month. Both players had struggled on their respective teams and the changes of scenery will be welcomed [...]

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