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Here’s the latest video update on the Tampa Bay Lightning/Steven Stamkos negotiations:

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  1. I understand there are some unwritten rules regarding RFAs, but would attempting to sign Stamkos to a ridiculous offer sheet, front-loaded and all that jazz, and forcing Tampa’s hand make too much (or too little) sense?

  2. If you play the offer sheet game, expect Stevie Y to try and poach your rfas for the next 10 years. Best idea is to tell him that an offer sheet is coming his way and segway that into a trade. Ala the Kessel deal. If Stamkos does want out of Tampa then expect Schenn, Kadri, and probably 3 draft picks the other way.

  3. Also, who knows if a front-loaded offer sheet would pass muster after Kovy’s deal got spiked.

    I’m just glad Leaf fans are infatuated by Stamkos and haven’t figured out that Doughty is also an RFA (although apparently much closer to a deal, with the talks only breaking off because the Kings had to go after Richards and land Gagne)

  4. I hope the LEAFS do not give an offer sheet. Stamkos is a very impressive player but its not worth the continuing future build of the organization. Just hope his family has a better effort to talk him into signing with the LEAFS next year. I know Nash,s family tried with no success

  5. Charles, I get the feeling Stamkos really wants to play for the Leafs, he has family/friends here and he’s said in the past it would be a dream of his. TBL is hemorrhaging money, even though they made it to the eastern conference finals they still recorded a loss and weren’t even able to break even. Tampa bay isn’t a hockey market and may not have the internal funding to afford Stamkos. (Yes, Vinik, is a billionaire, but he wouldn’t dump money into a business that doesn’t show returns.) Stamkos is an absolute super star, but at the end of the day it’s all about the R.O.I. Gretzky got traded, so anyone is fair play.

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