Former NHL player and current hockey analyst Matthew Barnaby has been ordered to complete 500 hours of community service. Barnaby agreed to a plea deal that will see him complete the community service within a year in exchange for having criminal mischief and aggravated harassment charges dropped.

Here at Houses of the Hockey, we don’t wish to make light of criminal actions, especially when someone’s wife and children are involved. The charges are quite serious and we sincerely hope that everyone involved in the situation is in a better place emotionally and rationally right now.

We do, however, enjoy making light of Matthew Barnaby. So we’ve put together some Photoshopped images to show what Barnaby may look like as he carries out his community service.

There are many lakes and rivers that desperately need some cleaning up. With Barnaby on the case, we’re sure they’d be spotless in no time!

Matthew Barnaby could also do his part to clean up the city by removing graffiti.

Maybe he’d take the time to help beautify his community and paint some local fences.

He might even teach a class or two.

It might not be as advanced of a class as the one pictured above. Those chalkboard diagrams look intense.

Of course, Barnaby may end up spending his time cleaning up the side of the highway.

Or planting a tree to help the environment.

Or maybe, just maybe he’d end up helping out a professional hockey team that desperately needs it.

Playing for the Islanders is kind of like donating time to a charity these days, isn’t it?